's assistant food stylist Lish Steiling answers part reader questions, including just how to acquire fluffy mashed potatoes and also how come clean out the turkey cavity, all for the perfect Thanksgiving feast. The best way to brine a turkey without a large pot is to dry brine it. I have actually been doing my turkey this way for year now. My favorite proportion to use for this originates from chef Judy Rodgers native Zuni Caf

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*"s assistant food stylist Lish Steiling answers some reader questions, including how to get fluffy mashed potatoes and also how come clean out the turkey cavity, every for the perfect Thanksgiving feast.

The best way to brine a turkey without a substantial pot is to dried brine it. I have been doing my turkey this means for years now. My favorite ratio to usage for this comes from chef Judy Rodgers from Zuni Café. She provides ¾ tsp sea salt to each pound of meat. Wash the bird and also thoroughly pat that dry. Season with your measured amount of salt. Be an ext generous on the thick parts and also a tad stingier on the diluent parts. Then, just loosely sheathe it and also refrigerate. This takes increase no more space than simply storing your turkey for at the very least 24 hours or up to 48 hours. Before proceeding with your recipe, pat it dry once again and off friend go.

The most crucial thing about cleaning the end the bird is come make certain to rinse it well, rip or cut out any loosened bits that might be dangling around and also then dry the entirety bird really, yes, really well. ~ all, you want to roast it, not steam it. If you find after rinsing over there is still several of the pinkish, clear fluid in the cavity just push a few file towels in there and also sop it up as finest as friend can. That is the secret: paper towels. In mine experience, the redness in the cavity will certainly not completely go away until totally cooked, yet the liquid have to be gone prior to you begin to prepare it.

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I find that to obtain the fluffiest mashed potatoes, two things should be done. First, after cooking and also draining her mashed potatoes, return them come the pot. Over medium heat, row them v a wood spoon to dried them the end a bit -- roughly 3-4 minutes will make a difference. They will certainly break up and that is fine, after all you room going come mash them. But something about getting the end the extra fluid helps the fluff factor. Second, when they are dried out, usage a potato ricer or a food mill. That is an extremely old-school ns know, however it will give you the smoothest, fluffiest potato you might dream of. Then proceed with the recipe. To keep them, location your perfect mashed potatoes in a heatproof bowl, cover with plastic wrap and also place end a pan of right simmering (really just steaming) water. You can hold them prefer that because that a an excellent hour or two. Hope that helps!

No onions top top the green bean casserole??!! oh goodness. Well, I would certainly still continue to be with something the adds texture. Part coarse breadcrumbs toasted in a little bit of olive oil or butter would certainly be delicious. Coarsely chopped toasted walnuts or pecans would also add a depth of smell or possibly a mix of the two. Of course, if you room not too worried around a healthy and balanced option, part crushed thin potato chips would be delicious as well.