A dirty kitchen can become a nightmare for you together you have to use the regularly. Who desires to invest a huge time of work in a messy and also greasy place? Nobody.

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It is quite impossible for the kitchen if you don’t have actually the ideal degreaser because that kitchen cabinets before painting.

Well, girlfriend don’t have to be anxious around it together there room a many of great degreasers out there in the sector to deal with your problem. But, buyers regularly get confused about which species of kitchen cleaner or degreaser to buy.

TSP substitute is offered for cleaning prior to you begin painting and also sander deglosser is provided to piece out the painting. If girlfriend don’t want to sand yet strip off the repaint totally, then sander deglosser is a good option because that you. Over there is one more option i m sorry is heavy-duty kitchen degreaser. You deserve to use that whenever girlfriend want.


But there space so plenty of degreasers in the market. Ever before wondered around which one to job-related to clean the cabinet properly? the is a hard job. However no an ext worries. We are permitting you to let friend know about some fantastic TSP Cleaner & kitchen degreaser v their review details. ~ reading, chose wisely on her own!

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a) Cleaning with TSP CleanerHow come Clean her Kitchen Cabinets making use of TSP :5 ideal Degreaser because that Kitchen Cabinets before Painting 2020 Review:1. KRUD KUTTER PC326 PC32 Prepaint Cleaner/TSP Substitute, 32-Ounce2. Klean-Strip GIDDS-881056 Jasco Tsp No Rinse substitute Cleaner Quart3. Savogran 10622 Trisodium Phosphate (TSP)4. Krud Kutter 316492 Original concentrated Kitchen Cleaner Degreaser 32 oz5. Goo unable to do Kitchen DegreaserBuying Guide:Frequently asked Questions:

Product to compare Table:

Product Name

Prodcut Image


Check Price

1.KRUD KUTTER PC326 PC32 Prepaint Cleaner

Remove hard stains

Easy to use

Non-toxic and biodegradable

No sanding

Check Price

2. Klean-Strip GIDDS-881056 Jasco Tsp

Deglosses and also cleans in simply one step

No wash required

Removes grease, grime, wax, smoke, etc.

No phosphates

Check Price

3.Savogran 10622 Trisodium Phosphate (TSP)

Used by many professionals

Heavy-duty cleaner

Remove mildew stains

Check Price

4. Krud Kutter 316492 Original focused Kitchen Cleaner

Water-based and concentrated

All-in-one (cleaner, stain remover, and also degreaser)

Great cleaner

Check Price

5.Goo unable to do Kitchen Degreaser

Gives shiny and spotless kitchen

The respond to doesn’t acquire harmed

Has solid foam

Check Price

How to Prepare Kitchen Cabinets prior to Painting


Preparing kitchen cabinets prior to painting is an extremely important. Cleaning is an important part the this. Because if friend don’t clean the cabinet properly, the dirt will certainly be installed in the wood, i beg your pardon will reason problems in the future.

There are numerous ways to clean the cabinet of her kitchen before painting. You have the right to use a heavy-duty degreaser, TSP, or other things.

First, you have to empty the cupboards. Then, clean the greasy area of the room properly. After that, let that dry and also clean the cabinet with a tack cloth and also vacuum. Then, it will be all set for future processes such as sanding and painting.

Why clean is Important

The kitchen is the busiest and also used place in a house as that is offered for cooking, which is an essential part of ours life. Thus, it i do not care dirty, oily, and greasy. And over the years, the great of oil and also grease gets stronger. So, it is very important come clean the kitchen cabinet regularly, specifically when you room going to repaint it.

Otherwise, the dirt and also dust will certainly be set permanently under the painting and also won’t give you the preferred shiny look. That’s why clean is essential and should not be skipped.

Different means to Clean the Kitchen Cabinets:

There space several reliable ways of cleaning kitchen cabinets prior to painting. You have the right to use any product such as TSP, degreaser, deglosser, vinegar, soap, etc. Because that cleaning. They all are far-reaching and cleans her cabinet correctly.

But that is best to understand the details about these products, the utilizing process, and what they do before start using them. Also, you need to be passionate to know how to clean cabinets prior to painting. Well, here you will discover some most effective ways to clean the kitchen cabinets. Continue to be tuned!

a) Cleaning v TSP Cleaner

TSP is just one of the ideal products because that cleaning your kitchen cabinets prior to painting. In this item of writing, we are going come talk around TSP in addition to its clean process, pros, and also cons.

clean kitchen utilizing TSP=> examine on Amazon=>What Is TSP instead of Cleaner:

TSP is the short type of Trisodium Phosphate. That is one kind of cleaner and stain remover i beg your pardon is extensively used everywhere the world. The framework of trisodium phosphate is usually powdered or crystallized and also white. You need to mix it with water prior to using it.

TSP functions amazingly to eliminate the kitchen-made grease. Also, TSP is great at eliminating the mildew, molds, and also heavy smoke. In the case, you need to blend some bleach with it. It functions well when it is included with a tiny bit of family bleach.

How come Clean her Kitchen Cabinets using TSP :

Here, us will comment on the process of cleaning kitchen cabinet or walls by utilizing TSP. Don’t go anywhere.

Things You will Need:

2 BucketsTSPSpongesRubber GlovesRags

Cleaning Process:

First, liquefied the TSP by utilizing water. The best ratio because that liquefying is 2 gallons the low-heated water because that a fifty percent cup that TSP. You will also need clean water because that later. So, it’s much better to save it all set in one more bucket.

Then, remove the cabinet door from the cabinet. Create an are for yourself together you space going come clean countless doors at a time. Clean at a time is much better because it needs some time to dry.

After that, put the gloves on together TSP can cause irritation, openings, or cut on her hand. Then, liquidate the sponge into the mixture and wipe thoroughly. Pay an ext attention to the corners and areas that room close to the handle.

Later, liquidate a rag in the bucket the clean water and also go end the locations you just cleansed. It rinses the TSP out and takes increase the excess grease if there’s left any.

That’s it. The is so simple that you can do it all by yourself. Follow the same procedure for clean the cabinets and walls. And after cleaning, provide it time come dry.

Pros and Cons the TSP:

Many DIYers usage TSP because that cleaning purposes. However there space some problems that you need to know. Regardless of the problems, you can enjoy it.


Easy to usePowerful and effectiveCan be used as a stripping agentSmells goodAffordable and also long-lastingCan store for 3 come 4 year


ToxicNot setting friendly

b) clean with hefty Duty Kitchen Degreaser

Heavy-Duty Degreaser=> check on Amazon=>

A heavy-duty degreaser is an extremely effective because that removing grease, oil, and also other food splatters. You can use this for your kitchen cabinets, variety hoods, burner grates, and also microwaves. You can clean grease quickly with a heavy-duty degreaser. The doesn’t leave any bad smell and also helps to death the germs.

The cleaning process of this degreaser is likewise straightforward. First, revolve off the stove and cool the down. Climate spray it come the greasy surface and wait because that 3 minutes. After ~ that, wipe that clean, and you space done.

c) clean Cabinet making use of Soap Or Vinegar:

Cleaning cabinets v vinegar before painting is really easy and effective. Vinegar is really effective because that cleaning irradiate layers of dust and dirt. It also sanitizes the surface.

First, take a bucket and also mix the exact same amount the vinegar and water. Also, add 3 or 4 fall of fluid dish shop through it.

Then, take a rag and liquefied is into mixed vinegar and wipe it down. After that, to wash the surface ar thoroughly and let that dry.

d) making use of Liquid Sander Deglosser :

Wall paint usually lasts for 6 come 10 years. After this period, it is way to redo the painting. Before applying the new coat the paint, you have to remove the previously coat and also glossiness. This step is referred to as deglossing, i beg your pardon is essential, and liquid sander deglosser is the perfect solution for this. It additionally does a bit of a sanding job.

strip repaint using Deglosser=> examine on Amazon=>

First, remove all the dust and also dirt and also clean it through Tsp substitute Cleaner or water and also soap.

Then, give it time to dry. Dry the cabinets is an extremely important. Use a towel for soaking the water if needed.

Now, take it a cloth and apply the liquid deglosser to the surface and also rub it. That will help to degloss the body. After ~ this, leave it for part time for this reason the deglosser have the right to sit on the surface.

Now, remove the fluid sandpaper deglosser, and also you room done. You deserve to use a dry cloth for removing it or just wash the surface.

TSP or Deglosser:

TSP is used for cleaning, especially before painting, and also can be offered as a stripping agent. However, the does not strip the end the entirety thing. That’s why it is crucial to paint after using TSP.

Cleaning wood v TSP Substitute=> check on Amazon=>

On the other hand, deglosser is supplied for removed the glossiness. It also does a tiny sanding job. Deglosser is also used before painting. It strips the end the enlarge painting completely from the timber surface, while TSP clears it partially.

Thus, you have the right to use the one friend needed before painting as per her choice. If you desire to remove the paint thoroughly and don’t desire to sand, you have the right to use fluid sander deglosser. And, if you’re walking to repaint afterword, climate tsp will be a great option. However, many people use TSP because that cleaning prior to using deglosser.

How To choose The ideal Degreaser:

If you want to to buy the finest degreaser, climate you need to keep that in mind that there are some considerations which should be followed before buying a degreaser. Here they are.

The degreaser should be non-toxic, biodegradable, and non-corrosive. Also, make certain that it is complimentary from harmful chemicals and safe come use around plants and kids.

It is wise to choose a multi-purpose cleaner the cleans various other greasy and dirty surfaces next to the kitchen cabinet. It will be advantageous for you. Buy a powerful cleaner that have the right to clean anything.

Buy a scratch-free degreaser. A good degreaser only needs a wipe off after applying it for a couple of seconds.

5 best Degreaser because that Kitchen Cabinets before Painting 2020 Review:

1. KRUD KUTTER PC326 PC32 Prepaint Cleaner/TSP Substitute, 32-Ounce

Check on Amazon=>

KRUD KUTTER is initially concerned about fast cleaning and also safety. It is one all-purpose cleaner, i m sorry is critical requirement for the ideal degreaser to use before painting.

You deserve to use this product because that pet stains, carpet stains, floors, kitchen cabinets, and also many more. This an excellent product likewise dispels tough soils fast.

This product comes v a 32 oz chemical size, i m sorry cleans the surface excellently. Also, it offers impressive adhesion to the surface and a high gloss surface.

It is an all-purpose degreaser that is well-known for removing tough stains such as smoke, grease, grime, wax, dirt, mildew, etc. This product removes every one of these favor magic and gives friend a clean and fresh surface.

Another wonderful thing about Krud Kutter TSP cleaner is, that is no time-consuming at all. You have the right to literally repaint after 10 minutes, i beg your pardon is a huge yay.

The brand itself is very concerned about safety. Thus, this product is non-toxic and also biodegradable. The is also water-based and cost-free from xylene and non-flammable.

It is before painting, and no sanding is required. You have the right to use the on every paint, lacquer, varnish, and also polyurethane. That is super for sure for all of these.

PROSRemove tough stainsEasy to useNon-toxic and also biodegradableNo sandingNot time-consumingCONSCan reason fumes

2. Klean-Strip GIDDS-881056 Jasco Tsp No Rinse instead of Cleaner Quart

 Check on Amazon=>

KLEAN-STRIP is a tough task product that is developed to persevere in your need for cleaning. This TSP cleaner degreaser gets rid of grease, dirt, crayon, and smoke, etc.

This product required no rinsing as it includes TSP substitute. That is perfect because that the faster cleaning and also preparation of the surface. You deserve to clean it completely just by clean everything it. Another good thing about this Tsp substitute Cleaner is the it deglosses and also tends in one step.

It is offered for ladders flooring and building materials, i m sorry is manufactured in the USA. You deserve to bond this product v latex, old enamel, lacquer, varnish, etc.

This is a powerful degreaser the quickly gets rid of grimes, grease, food stain, mildew, smoke, crayon, etc. It additionally dispels wax and also old wallpaper dough from vinyl, wood, and also metal wallpaper.

Also, this powerful product has actually no phosphates in it, and also it death germs. That does not damage ceramic tile, glass, chrome, and also aluminium.

PROSDeglosses and cleans in simply one stepNo rinse requiredRemoves grease, grime, wax, smoke, etc.No phosphatesBiodegradableCONSNot found

3. Savogran 10622 Trisodium Phosphate (TSP)

 Check on Amazon=>

SAVOGRAN is a well-known brand because that degreasers which contains non-sudsing powdered TSP compound. This product is one amazing addition to your kits. Numerous professional world use this product regularly due to the fact that of that is heavy-duty cleaning.

This product supplies TSP come clean the periphery correctly after utilizing varnish or repaint remover. The is heavy duty and an all-purpose cleaner. It is right for tough cleaning jobs.

As it is a famous brand, it has a large fan base. Plenty of cleaning and painting specialists have this product and use that on a consistent basis for their job-related as it gets rid of heavy grease and grime. It likewise dispels the stains that soot and smoke native the wall, chalked repaint from woodwork, wall, and floors. If friend mix it through bleach, it will remove mildew stain as well. Thus, it is among the best degreasers for painted kitchen cabinets.

Caking is a typical problem among degreasers. Savogran 10622 Trisodium Phosphate is also not complimentary from it. However, this problem can it is in solved simply by dissolving it in warm water, which is a big positive side.

However, friend should have stored this all-purpose degreaser in a dry and cool ar so that it doesn’t rotate out into cake.

PROSUsed by numerous professionalsHeavy-duty cleanerRemoves hefty grease, shot and smoke stain, chalked repaint etc.Remove mildew stainsCONSBad shipping methodOften comes together a brick.

4. Krud Kutter 316492 Original focused Kitchen Cleaner Degreaser 32 oz

 Check on Amazon=>

Again, KRUD KUTTER has actually made a ar in this review, since it’s the best degreaser for painted kitchen cabinets.

Well, we know that this brand is initially concern around safety and cleaning in ~ the exact same time. Also, this an excellent brand constantly tries to supply a an excellent quality kitchen degreaser in ~ a reasonable price.

This water-based product is supplied for number of uses, such together a cleaner, stain remover, and also degreaser. The even gets rid of the toughest stain easily. Also, this non-toxic, biodegradable, and also environment friendly. The is no dangerous at all for pets, plants, and humans.

This all-purpose cleaner have the right to be used daily to eliminate all type of dirt. It functions way better than any regular cleaner. The dispels grime, grease, wax, oil, dried latex paint, smoke, tar, etc., which consistent cleaner commonly left behind.

PROSWater-based and concentratedAll-in-one (cleaner, stain remover, and degreaser)Great cleanerNon-toxic, biodegradable, and environment friendlyClean points that consistent cleaner left behindCONSA small priceyA little bit underperforming

5. Goo gone Kitchen Degreaser

=> examine on Amazon=>

Goo unable to do Kitchen Degreaser is suitable degreaser for the stove. That has great customer rating. It also promises to deliver the ideal products within time.

This degreaser deserve to clean your kitchen prefer a crystal and leave her kitchen watch spotless and also shiny. It has a working formula the is an extremely fast; thus, you don’t have to be worried about the counter surface getting destroyed or harmed.

It has strong foam that dispels also the toughest grease native the surface. This impressive product have the right to be supplied on miscellaneous surfaces, for instance, pots, pans, stovetops, oven hoods, countertops, food preparation areas, and kitchen appliances. It is safe to usage in the kitchen cabinet preparation area as food cannot absorb it.

Goo gone Kitchen Degreaser additionally works on finished wood, sealed stone, porcelain, ceramic, glass, plastics, etc. This product will certainly not damage the surface of the kitchen as it has actually a fantastic biodegradable formula. Also, this leaves a beautiful odor after greasing.

PROSGives shiny and also spotless kitchenThe respond to doesn’t obtain harmedHas solid foamHas biodegradable formulaCONSCannot dispel heavy baked grease

Buying Guide:

There are some significant things that you need to consider prior to buying a degreaser together they are different from every other. Though the function is the same still, there space differences between their strength level, ingredients, chemical, etc. That’s why it’s vital to follow some guidelines before buying if you do not want to remorse it later. So, right here are some of them in instance you need them.

Safety and Cleaning Power

Cleaning strength is obviously important when it involves degreaser, yet you cannot neglect your hand together well. You don’t desire a melted hand because that the sake of a clean kitchen, ns guess. That’s why to buy a product which does no do any harm to your skin and also cleans the wood surface ar well too. Also, we store our food and also all in the kitchen and why it should be healthy.

The Smell

Many that you have actually experienced the smell of the kitchen cabinet degreaser. I bet you don’t prefer it always as they periodically contain chemicals that smell terrible and stay because that a long time like a day! Well, who wants to tolerate the smell for that lot of time? ns bet no one. That’s why inspect the ingredients prior to buying is a must. Examine if the degreaser you room going come buy has lemongrass or lemon or not. Try to purchase a degreaser v lemongrass or lemon as it refreshes and clean in ~ the same time.


There are tons of degreasers out there in the market, and also you can buy an ext than one because that a various purpose if you want. Yet why garbage dollar as soon as you can gain all in one? That’s why adaptability is very important. There is part all-purpose degreaser, and you can absolutely go because that them as it will conserve a lot of money and also the occupational will be done too.

So, just pick one all-purpose degreaser if you desire to conserve money and also make sure it doesn’t harm you and your pets and also plants together well.

Frequently inquiry Questions:

1.) deserve to you usage a kitchen degreaser daily?

It is not safe to usage a kitchen degreaser everyday as it can have some chemicals that space harmful to you.

2.) Is it for sure to usage kitchen degrease?

Yes, that is safe if girlfriend follow part rules and don’t carry the toxic one into your home. Try to use hand gloves while making use of the degreaser for her safety. Also, you can buy the organic one to stop the risk.

3.) have the right to I mix bleach and also degreaser?

It is finest not come mix chemicals favor ammonia, acids, bleach, etc. V a degreaser. It could create a large problem because of its chemistry reaction.

4.) Vinegar vs chemistry degreaser: which one come choose?

Vinegar is a homemade cleaner and not as an effective as a chemistry one. It just cleans the surface up to an extent. Thus, you have the right to use that if the kitchen is not much greasy. However if that is or if you desire to paint it afterwards, climate a chemical degreaser is the one for you.

Final Thought

We space not going to advertise or take sides with any kind of of these products. However we allow you recognize all the details that girlfriend needed. You have the right to use heavy-duty degreaser any kind of time friend want for cleaning kitchen cabinets. However, we recommend friend to use TSP substitute Cleaner only prior to painting.

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Now, it’s time come think of her own and chose the ideal Degreaser because that Kitchen Cabinets prior to Painting. Every one of them are amazing. Just buy a great all-purpose cleaner, i beg your pardon is safe among them. Have terrific cleaning.