Caused by cooking, sticky hands, and also general oil or food splashes, grease stains on her kitchen cabinets have the right to be a very annoying thing to attend to as a homeowner.

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Greasy cabinets space not a good look for your home!

However, certain species of wood kitchen cabinets can be delicate, and not all cleaning methods deserve to clean greasy stains turn off of kitchen cupboards. It"s important to have the right products and also techniques by her side.

From white vinegar to dish soap and also baking soda, below we discover how to clean sticky grease off kitchen cabinets!

5 means To Clean Grease Stains Off hardwood Kitchen Cabinets

1. Warm Water & White Vinegar

White vinegar has actually natural degreasing properties since it"s acidic, so it"s a brilliant natural means to remove grease. Hot water has actually heat (obviously) which have the right to also help to break down grease and grime that is stubbornly grounding to your lumber cabinets.

Things You"ll NeedHot waterFill the spray bottle through 50% white vinegar and also 50% hot waterSpray the solution onto the hardwood cabinets and permit to sit because that 3-5 minutesWipe far the equipment with a damp fabric soaked in regular waterAllow come air dry or usage a paper towel to dab the surface ar dry

This is one of the easiest and simplest methods to clean difficult grease off kitchen cabinets, therefore make certain to offer it a try before security money on much more expensive clean solutions.

2. Salt & White Vinegar Paste

Here"s another way to remove grease from wood kitchen cabinets there is no spending a ton of money on sophisticated cleaning commodities – salt and vinegar. Vinegar normally breaks down cabinet grease, while salt deserve to be supplied as a scrub come physically dislodge cabinet grease and also grime.

Things You"ll NeedSmall bowl (for mixing)Old toothbrushIn the small mixing bowl, integrate the salt and vinegar till they type a paste-like consistencyDip the old toothbrush into the mixture, extending the bristles liberallyScrub the kitchen room carefullyWipe down with a damp fabric to eliminate the mixture and also reveal your clean kitchen cabinet!

This one is good for kitchen grease that is stubborn and needs a little extra elbow grease (no pun intended) come dislodge the built-up residue. Her kitchen cupboards will certainly be clean in no time.


3. Citrus Oil multi-purpose Cleaner

Citrus oil is a organic product the you"ll often uncover in clean products because it deserve to remove grease easily. As well as its ability to remove grease from kitchen cabinets, citrus oil additionally has a really pleasant odor without the need for fabricated perfumes.

Things You"ll NeedHot waterSpray the cleaner ~ above the greasy kitchen cabinets and leave it because that 5 minutesUse a damp fabric to remove the greaseUse a clean towel to wipe over the kitchen cabinets, gaining the surface ar cleanDry the kitchen cupboards v a dried cloth

This is one of the easiest ways exactly how to clean sticky grease turn off kitchen cabinets, so it may be precious a try if you"d prefer to to buy a committed cleaner end a DIY product.

4. Baking Soda & Lemon Juice

Baking soda isn"t abrasive, however it can aid to dislodge grease and also stains from your difficult kitchen cabinets. Baking soda and lemon juice space both well-known for their herbal cleaning ability, through the mountain of the lemon juice helping to reduced through kitchen cabinet grease.

Things You"ll NeedMixing bowlLemon juiceWarm waterClean clothIn the spray bottle, incorporate 1 part baking soda, 2 parts warmth water, and the juice of 1 lemon. Mix them with each other thoroughly.Spray onto the kitchen cabinets and leave for 5 minutes to eliminate greaseGently scrub the equipment away v a soft sponge damp v clean waterUse a clean, damp cloth to wipe end the area and also remove grease and any leftover residueBuff the cabinet dry with the dried microfiber cloth, obtaining rid of any type of moisture and leftover dirt

As well together cleaning kitchen cabinetry and also getting rid that grease, the lemon juice in this product has a fresh, citrusy smell that fills your house after cleaning. You have the right to clean greasy kitchen cupboards and make your home smell pretty simultaneously!

5. Food Soap & heat Water

When it comes to cutting grease, don"t forget about dish soap! when natural commodities like baking soda and vegetable oil can aid to eliminate grease stains from kitchen cabinets, good old dish soap is designed to remove grease easily.

It"s basically a degreaser!

Things You"ll NeedWarm waterMixing bowlDry clothMix a few drops of your dish soap in a key of warmth water, getting the water nice and bubblyDip your cleaning sponge in the soapy water and ring that dryGently obstacle the grease stains top top the cabinets, wiping in the direction of the lumber grainIf a grease stain is really stubborn, apply a small dish soap directly to the grease and also scrub againUse a cloth soaked in clean water to walk over the cabinet, acquiring rid of any type of remaining grease or solutionPat the cabinets dry with document towels or allow to air dry naturally

Dish soap commodities like Dawn and also Fairy Liquid space designed to remove grease stains naturally, so occasionally these day-to-day kitchen washing-up assets are the best thing to use for grease. Soaps, sponges, and water deserve to do wonders through a small elbow grease.

3 cabinet Cleaning commodities To Try

While organic cleaners like baking soda and vegetable oil can aid to remove grease from hardwood kitchen cabinets, there room some assets out there that might be worth buying if you"re having actually cabinet grease issues.

So yes, if vinegar and baking soda have actually their place, it may be time to buy a devoted grease-cleaning product for your kitchen.

Best Degreaser for Kitchen Cabinets before Painting

If you"re cleaning her kitchen cabinets before painting them, you should make certain that over there is NO GREASE left on those surfaces prior to you walk in with paint.

Painting end grease is a very bad idea!

Luckily, there are numerous natural and man-made degreaser services that have the right to help. Below are the key ones come consider:

Warm water through dish-washing soapHot water & white vinegar sprayBaking soda and lemon juiceSpecialized timber cleaner

Combined v a high-quality sponge and a microfiber cloth, these are effective ways to eradicate grease before painting your cabinets.

Can I use Dawn to Clean Kitchen Cabinets?

Yes, you can use Dawn come clean kitchen lumber cabinets.

As a dish-washing soap, Dawn is draft to it is in a degreaser. This method that it can easily cut through the grease and dirt ~ above a difficult cabinet, make it basic to obtain them clean with a basic sponge or cloth and some heat water with Dawn.

Dawn Blue is claimed to be particularly good at cleaning cabinetry and also getting rid that grease.

The Bottom heat – cleaning Kitchen cabinets Is basic With this Tips

Whether you require a wet sponge, microfiber cloth, or just a harsh scrub through some baking soda and lemon juice, one of these techniques is certain to get the grease away from your wooden cabinets in no time.

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Grease can be a real pain to resolve on cabinets, yet hopefully this overview has aided you to know exactly how to clean difficult grease off kitchen cabinet easily.