For method too numerous years together a young adult, i didn’t bother cleaning my coffee machine. I know: the embarrassing. I simply didn’t really recognize why I had actually to. Mine coffee tasted fine (or so ns thought), and didn’t it usually clean itself each time water ran through it?

But recently, many thanks to an immediate decision come deep-clean mine kitchen appliances, my life readjusted forever. The next day, i was shocked at how much better my coffee tasted!

As it transforms out, Keurigs and also drip coffee makers can acquire mineral accumulation in their inner workings, no to cite harbor every sorts that harmful bacteria (yeah, gross), which will not only make her brew taste weird, but will also compromise the lifespan of the appliance (and her health!).

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Bottom line? If you can not remember the critical time friend cleaned it, your Keurig more than likely needs to it is in cleaned. Here’s how to perform it the appropriate way—your mornings will never ever be the very same again.

How come Descale a Keurig

The procedure of cleaning the inner workings of a coffee machine is often referred to as descaling. (“Scale” is another term for calcium deposits, which construct up in the pipes of your Keurig over time.)

What you’ll Need:

A huge ceramic mugLots of fresh water

Step 1: Prepare the Machine

First, you’ll desire to unplug her Keurig and take off the water reservoir. Empty it out, then eliminate the water filter.

Pro tip: Sync up your filter-changing schedule through your descaling schedule come make maintain easier. Filters must be readjusted every two months or 60 tank refills.



Step 2: fill the Reservoir

If you’re utilizing vinegar to clean her machine, to fill the water reservoir about halfway v white vinegar, then fill the remainder with water. If you’re making use of descaler, to water the totality bottle right into the tank, then fill up the remainder of the means with water.

Step 3: run the device Multiple Times

Plug your machine back in and also turn that on. Place the ceramic mug under the spout, then begin the brew cycle using the largest setup your cup can accommodate—the larger the cup, the much faster the process will go. You’ll want to run these cycles without a K-cup in the machine.

Once the brew is finished, empty the cup right into your sink, climate run an additional cycle. Repeat till the water tank is empty.

Step 4: Let that Rest

Let your machine rest because that 30 minute so the within workings can soak. You can leave the strength on because that this step.

Step 5: Rinse through Fresh Water

Remove the reservoir and also rinse it out. Fill it with fresh water, then run a couple of more cycles come remove any type of lingering vinegar taste.

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If you’re utilizing descaling solution, Keurig recommends to run at the very least 12 an ext cleansing brews to ensure every the chemicals are removed. Wondering how frequently to descale a Keurig? The manufacturer recommends every 3 months.