Let"s challenge it: none of united state want to challenge life without our Keurig. We"ve come to rely on that magical little device that makes coffee at the touch of a button. However much choose cleaning one oven, cleaning a dishwasher and also cleaning a washing machine, you can"t rely on this appliance come take care of its own cleaning and maintenance.

That"s the poor news. But the an excellent news is that it"s no at all hard to clean a Keurig, and you have actually a range of cleaning options ranging indigenous items you currently have in her kitchen come the purchase the company"s descaling solution. Here, we"ve put together a quick and also easy overview to store your coffee machine, lean, mean, and also clean so you have the right to sip her espresso in bacteria-free peace.

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How regularly should friend clean a Keurig?

The exterior of her Keurig need to be cleaned around once a week in ~ the very least, or more frequently if things acquire dire. Save in mind that the drip tray can only organize eight ounces, therefore you"ll should empty the every once in a while.

It"s recommended that the water reservoir and also pod holder acquire a weekly cleaning, but "descaling"—or removed mineral buildup—can it is in done less often, approximately once every 3 to 6 months. The descale irradiate will typically flip on once it"s time, but you"ll probably have the ability to tell on your own anyway. Brewing may come to be slower, and your cup might not fill up every the way.

As for filter replacement, that can be excellent every two months or so.

How carry out I clean the outside of a Keurig?

With a wet, soapy, lint-free cloth, wipe away dust or splatters. Then, gently slide the end the drip tray, empty, wipe, and also return to its position. Yet never, ever submerge the device in water. It is an electrical appliance, after all.

How execute I clean individual components of a Keurig?

Turn off and also unplug the an equipment and permit it come cool.

Next, lift up the bar to disassemble the K-Cup pod holder and also funnel, and wash both components in the sink or ~ above the height shelf of the dishwasher on a short temperature cycle.

While you"re at it, loosen any kind of potential clogs from the "entrance needle" (that thing that pierces the pods) and also the "exit needle" underneath the pod holder making use of a clean paperclip. (But be careful—those things space sharp!)

Remove the water reservoir and also lid and also wash both with soapy water in the sink—not the dishwasher. Rinse thoroughly and also spray the filter through a faucet hose, or shiver the reservoir to create a much more forceful currently of water. Yet when you"re done, don"t towel-dry the inside, as you might leave some lint behind.

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