Claiming your web page is an important step no issue what your function is in the industry.

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For Talent: insurance claim your page to showcase your talent on, glossesweb.comPro, and Prime Video. You can upload images, collection your major image, select which pictures are featured across and also Prime Video, choose which credits girlfriend are ideal Known For, upload demo reels, and also more. Use glossesweb.comPro come showcase yourself to thousands of millions that fans and industry insiders that visit and also Prime video every month. To learn more, please visit our pro tips because that Talent guide.

For Filmmakers and also Crew: Claim your page to add guild affiliation and employment details, select your well-known For credits, and add contact and also representation info. To discover more, please visit our agree tips for Filmmakers or pro tips for Crew guide.

Casting Directors: Claim your web page to regulate your well-known For credits, and include contact and also representation info. To learn more, please visit our pro tips for spreading Directors guide.

Talent Representatives, Studios, and Production Companies: claim your web page to maintain your customer roster and also staff information and keep your call details current. To discover more, you re welcome visit our pro tips for Talent representatives guide.

Ready to acquire started?


How do I case my page?

To claim your page, please log right into your glossesweb.comPro membership from your desktop computer computer or glossesweb.comPro app and take the adhering to steps:

1. Click on the little icon alongside your name in the top-right corner of the page (or go straight to theclaimpage):


2. Choose the classification that explains you best, climate your major profession (i.e. Actress, Director, manufacturing Designer, etc.), and select "Continue". If your major profession is no listed, or if you prefer to skip this step, please pick "Skip this step".


3. "Your experienced name" will be pre-populated to find for your page. If your professional name is various from her account name, please choose "Change Name". You should enter the name precisely as it shows up on Click "Search" and also you"ll see a list of names equivalent the message you have entered.


If girlfriend don"t already have an page, pick "Create brand-new Page". Before selecting this option, please make sure that you space not already listed on (i.e. Under a various spelling or an old different of her name), otherwise this will create a duplicate page.

How do I unclaim a page?

If girlfriend have currently claimed a page, yet need to start the process over (for example, if girlfriend accidentally declared the dorn page), you deserve to unclaim the web page via yourPage Controlsby choosing "Unclaim this page".WARNING:this will sever the connection in between your membership and also your declared name page, and also will erase every glossesweb.comPro-exclusive information and images uploaded to the page via glossesweb.comPro. Use with caution -- once unlinked, this data is no recoverable.

It states my web page is claimed, what deserve to I do?

If you"ve obtained a article that your page is already claimed, it"s feasible it"s claimed with a previous member or someone claimed it on your behalf favor your agent/manager or family members member. If you added the photos displayed on her page, it"s likely the alternating membership belongs come you.


If girlfriend are details you didn"t create the membership claiming your page and you"re unable to determine who did, you re welcome visit theContact us pagewhile logged into your glossesweb.comPro account and also selectglossesweb.comPro member >Claim your page(if you space logged the end of her glossesweb.comPro account, you re welcome selectglossesweb.comPro member >Other glossesweb.comPro member concerns > other payment issue),then pick "Email" and let us know exactly how we can

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For an ext information on how to obtain the most of her glossesweb.comPro membership, please watch ourPro Tips.