Do you desire a chandelier for her table, bedroom or bathroom. It sounds so decadent in the bathroom. If you room in the industry for a chandelier you can be wonder what size you have to get.


Chandeliers have the right to hang in so countless places and also they come in every style and also finish. You don’t want your chandelier come look as well puny or as well large. There are a couple of guidelines the will aid you choose the ideal size chandelier for your room.

The guidelines for size count on whereby you will certainly hang the chandelier. If it’s walking to it is in in an open area or over a table. Think it or not there’s a an easy formula for how big your chandelier have to be.

How huge of a chandelier do I require in an open up Room?

Chandeliers are not simply beautiful end a table. They can likewise make a beautiful declare in an entry, a bathroom, bedroom or even a closet (if you space lucky sufficient to have a big one).

Chandelier size Guide

The math for how huge your light fixture/chandelier should in an open up room is pretty simple. Take the width of the room in feet and include that come the size of the room in feet. Because that example, my living room is 15 feet through 21 feet. The amount of those 2 is 36. A chandelier for my living room should be 36 inches wide.

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Similarly, if you space hanging a chandelier in a bathroom that is 5 feet through 10 feet your chandelier need to be approximately 15 customs wide. You don’t need to use the specific measurement that the calculate dictates, yet the formula helps me to know that a 20 inch chandelier would certainly look too small.


Now the you understand how broad your chandelier should be in an open room, let’s talk about the height. Generally the chandelier need to be 2-3 inches every foot. A traditional 8 foot ceiling would host a 16 come 24 inch tall chandelier. However, if her ceilings are 8 feet, I would stick to the lower end of the range. You don’t want people to feel choose they must duck under a irradiate fixture.

If you have 10 foot ceilings, girlfriend have more room to work with. If your chandelier will certainly hang end a stairway, use the total height of the an are to calculation the height of the light fixture.

How large of a chandelier perform I require over a table?

Over a dining table, the mathematics is a little different. First let’s talk about width. You take the broad of her table and subtract 12 inches. If your table is 36 inches vast the width of the right chandelier would certainly be 24 inch wide.

For the length of the table you desire to make sure that the chandelier’s length is at the very least 12 inches much less than the table.

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For example, my table is 83 inches long, i beg your pardon would suggest I can use a chandelier up to 70 inches long. This is the rule that developers use. But if your table is really long, this could not it is in possible. The does assist you to check out that you need a pretty big fixture to have it look in ratio to her table. Friend can likewise consider hanging two lights end a solitary table.

For any kind of table girlfriend will want to stick to this preeminence of thumb – keep the chandelier broad 12 inches much less than the broad or length of the table. Friend don’t want people to bump into it once they stand up.

Does table shape influence the form of chandelier?

If your table is long and narrow, the width will limit how broad you need to go (at the very least 12 inches much less than the table). For a table the is greater than 60 inch in length you should take into consideration a chandelier that is likewise shaped – long and also narrow.

Here’s an instance with a rectangle-shaped table from Ballard Designs and also a chandelier native Ballard Designs. The calculation above suggests a chandelier dimension of 52 inch (64-12). First, this is no really a dimension that you might find, however it does aid you to check out that something 24 inches will look way too small. Because that this kind of table something more linear will certainly be a better fit.


The shape of her chandelier should enhance the shape of the chandelier. A ring table looks best with a chandelier the is either ring or square. For long narrow tables you might want to take into consideration a chandelier the is more rectangular 보다 round.

This is an example with a ring table indigenous France & young paired through this West Elm chandelier.


You may notice as you start shopping for her chandelier, that there is no fixture that perfectly matches the dimensions you room looking for. The vital is to discover a light the isn’t too little or as well large. This measurement rules space guidelines to assist make sure you obtain close to the ideal proportion.

how low must a chandelier hang end a table?

Another method of thinking around this is what is the height of a chandelier over your table.

A chandelier hung end a table should be 30 come 34 inches above the bottom that the table. Her chandelier elevation should it is in close sufficient to the table that it will light increase the table more than a ceiling irradiate would. However you likewise don’t want the irradiate to it is in so near that people hit your heads as soon as they wake up from the table.

If you have actually a fixture the hangs native a chain, the is simple to change the elevation of your chandelier after friend live v it because that a few days. If your chandelier appears to have a solved height because it has a pole (like this one) it’s more tough to readjust the length, however not impossible.

how come lengthen a chandelier (so the hangs lower)

If you need to make your chandelier longer so it will hang closer come a your dining room table you probably need to add an ext wire.

The very first step is to turn the breaker off to her light and disconnect the screws that host the irradiate fixture up. Periodically there is extra wire wrapped up within the fixture. If there isn’t, this short article explains exactly how to do prolong the wires that also if girlfriend aren’t really handy.

You can conveniently make the chain much longer if the hangs ~ above a chain. If that hangs top top a pole you have the right to usually purchase a longer pole in a complete that matches her fixture. Below are some examples.

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How to Shorten a Chandelier (so that hangs Higher)

If you have the opposite problem it’s fixed in usually the exact same way. Come raise her chandelier so it hangs farther from the dining room table friend might be able to pull the wires increase in side the ceiling. If not, you will should shorten the wires/chain or rod.

The technique for shortening the wires is much the exact same as the is because that lengthening it. Friend trim the wires ~ you have the breaker shut off. You deserve to take web links out the the chain if it hangs indigenous a chain. Friend can likewise get a shorter rod if her chandelier doesn’t hang from a chain.

How to cave Multiple Chandeliers/Pendants?

If you have a very long table you can want to consider hanging an ext than one light fixture. You can hang 2 smaller range chandeliers or 2 pendant lights. Be sure to cave multiple fixtures at the very least 26 come 28 inches apart.

Also make sure that no fixture comes closer 보다 6 inches from the edge of the table.

Can a Chandelier be as well big?

A chandelier can be too big for a space, as with it deserve to be also small. Most world make the wrong of placing a fixture the is too little rather than too large. If you stick close come the measurement guidelines above, the scale should be just right. End a table usage the length and width minus 12. Something larger can look strange.

Should a chandelier it is in in the center of the room or the table?

If you are hanging a chandelier over a table the is not in the center of your dining room it should be hung centered over the table. If you cave it in the center of the room it deserve to make her table feel prefer it’s in the not correct place.

Choosing the best size irradiate for your room

If you room shopping for a chandelier, take into consideration the size relative to the dimensions of her room. If you’re trying to find a chandelier come hang above a table, focus more on the dimensions of your table. Usage the formulas as a overview to assist you look for something that will certainly be proportional to her table.

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