I don't want to die (anymore), yet find the contemplating suicide helps ease the stress and anxiety of life. It's really much a bad habit and I generally strangle on impulse. I tried come quit a few months ago, and also it functioned for a while, however then ns strangled myself a pair days back so I'm earlier to square one.

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My impression native what you claimed is that even though you are no longer suicidal, strangulation is currently a compulsion you usage to deal with stress.

Please seek the aid of a therapist, most likely one who has experience managing both depression and also compulsion.

/r/suicidewatch is below if you do require it.

I assumed this to be going to be the sexiest AMA ever, you really surprised me. You re welcome do acquire some help, together this is obviously having actually a strongly an adverse impact on your life.

Yeah, I've remained in therapy because that a while. I guess we'll have a lot come talk around this time. :/

Do you acquire sexual gratification out of this? execute you use a cord or something? would certainly it be physiologically possible to strangle yourself to fatality with her bare hands?


I commonly use everything shirt I'm wearing at the time. I provided to use printer cables yet shirts room much an ext comfortable. The much longer the sleeves, the better.

The trouble with bare hands is eventually you'll pass out, and then friend won't have the ability to continue the strangling. Therefore no, you pretty lot need come tie a knot somewhere and hang yourself.

1-800-SUICIDE is over there to help, anytime. They deserve to listen, or they have the right to do every the talking if friend want, or both.

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I regularly imagine my very own head exploding as way to cope with stress. Basically, I'm telling myself the if i can't regulate everything in mine life, there is constantly the option of suicide. It's an prompt relief and I don't view it together a poor habit anymore. I understand I'm no going to kill myself.

Contemplating suicide made me more aware that the absurdity of life and also responsibilities. It made me take an excellent decisions in life. "I don't give a fuck, let's just fucking execute it. If I obtain into problem because culture and my far-ranging others don't accept my decision, ns can constantly kill myself and also it's not going to readjust anything in the order of the universe."

I talked around it v friends and a psychologist and no one appears to yes, really understand. Would you to speak you strangle you yourself for the same reasons? If so, are you a woman? If so, have the right to we date?