How to see Android text messages on your computer

Last update : 18th march 2021 | Author: wide Angle software Dev Team

We can attach with civilization all end the civilization using ours mobile devices. In the palm of our hand, we have actually the strength to send and receive text messages at lightening-fast speeds.

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This is a good convenience once you room on the go, however when you space at house or in the office, you may want come view and also manage her messages ~ above a bigger screen.

In this overview we"ll display you the peak 3 techniques to watch your Android text messages on her computer!

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1. See Android messages directly on her PC

First up is an pure must-have app called Droid Transfer. If you have actually an Android maker and find yourself needing to control it from your PC, this is the app for you.

Not only can you easily view and also search your Android text messages on the big screen of her PC; you additionally have a complete toolset at your fingertips which enables you to conveniently transfer your files between your Android and your PC!

What you"ll need: You have the right to use Droid deliver on a computer running windows Vista, home windows 7, windows 8/8.1 or home windows 10. Your Android cell phone device.The free Transfer Companion app. You deserve to download this on her Android machine through the Google play Store.

Transfer Companion:


Droid Transfer:


Viewing Android messages in Droid Transfer:

To see your Android"s contents on your PC, first open Droid transfer on her computer and follow the procedures to affix your Android. You deserve to use either a USB cable or a Wi-Fi network to make the connection.

as soon as connected, open up the Messages ar to check out a list of all the conversations save on computer on her Android device.

View the message in a conversation by click it in the list.

You"ll check out all your messages, emojis, times/dates, enclosed media choose photos, and contacts details.

browsing Android messages in Droid Transfer: finding a certain message is easy! To carry out this, get in the surname of a contact or a key-word / key-phrase that you are searching for into the search box and also hit get in (Return) on your keyboard.

Droid move will return a list of just conversations in which her keyword was pointed out (or conversations girlfriend have had with the contact you entered). You can click a conversation to check out it. Now when girlfriend look with your conversation, the find term you entered will be emphasize in your messages!

What Next? together you have the right to see, simply viewing message does not even come close to the marvels you have the right to do through Droid Transfer. You have the right to play her Android music library through your PC, sync her music with your PC, transfer photos and contacts and also so much more!

Now the you can accessibility your messages on her computer, why not export them because that safekeeping, or print them out?

2. Check out Android messages and also text making use of the internet (PC/Mac)

Next, we have Google"s answer come viewing message messages ~ above a computer system - messages by Google.

Messages through Google allows you to watch your Android text messages v any maker which provides an net browser, and even send text messages utilizing that device!

For this method, you"ll require the "Messages" through Google application on your Android device. Let"s take a look at how to usage it...

What you"ll need: A computer system using one of the complying with web browsers: Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari or Microsoft Edge.Both gadgets must be linked to the internet. To avoid extra charges, use a Wi-Fi connection. just how to view Android message Messages on computer system via the webFirst of all, you"ll should make sure that messages by Google is your default messaging application on her Android device. To perform this, you deserve to simply open up the application on your device. If the application prompts you to adjust your default message app, monitor the measures on display screen to complete the process.Now the you have the Messages application open, madness the menu icon (3 dots) and then "Messages for Web". Climate tap "QR password scanner".With your Android phone, scan the QR code displayed on her computer.

You deserve to now view every one of your conversations and also messages from her Android maker in the web internet browser on her computer!

View a conversation by selecting it from your list.Send a post by using the input box at the bottom the the webpage.Delete a post by hovering your mouse cursor end a message, click the menu icon which appears next to the messages, and also click Delete.Delete whole conversation by opening a conversation, click the menu symbol at the peak of the page, and also choosing Delete.


3. Check out Android messages and also text making use of a windows 10 computer

If your computer is running windows 10, you might wish to use Microsoft"s "Your Phone". This an approach is comparable to technique 2, in that you can view her Android message on her computer, and also send message from your computer. If you great to save your text message conversations come your computer for safekeeping, check out technique 1 instead.

What you"ll need: A Microsoft account.Your PC and also Android maker need to be connected to the exact same Wi-Fi network. exactly how to watch Android messages making use of Microsoft"s "Your Phone" app Ensure the both her PC and also Android maker are nearby and connected to the exact same Wi-Fi network.Type "Your Phone" into the home windows taskbar and select "Your Phone" to open up the app.Select Android, then hit Continue.

Sign right into your Microsoft Account when prompted. This must be the very same Microsoft account that you use on her Android device.Launch the your Phone Companion app on your Android device, and follow the on-screen prompts to sign in.Back to your computer - pick "I have actually the your Phone Companion application installed on mine phone", then click "Pair with QR code".
Now, your Android maker will show a QR code scanner using your device"s camera. Organize the maker up to her computer and also scan the QR code shown on the PC.Complete the setup by complying with the prompts to permit the required permissions!Once connected, you can now check out all your Android text messages and photos from your PC.

Open the message section and select a contact"s name to watch your conversation through them, and even send messages from your PC!

Viewing Android message messages on pc - Microsoft your Phone (Image credit: Microsoft)


So over there you have actually it - the finest 3 ways to see your Android message on her computer.

As you can see, each an approach has that own distinct benefits. You have to now have actually all the knowledge you have to make an notified decision around which method is ideal for you.

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If you are still unsure, here"s what us recommend:

Use Droid Transfer because that the can be fried Android monitoring tool. This handy app permits you to view all your Android contents on your PC, and also permits you to transfer data favor Messages, Music, Photos, contacts and more between Android and PC!Use Messages by Google to check out your Android messages on Mac or pc with an internet browser - you have the right to send messages from the computer too.Use Microsoft your Phone if you have a windows 10 PC and you want to view and also send her Android messages from her PC.

Thanks for reading!