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After every Uber and also Lyft ride, you deserve to rate her driver the end of 5 stars based upon how an excellent or negative the ride was. However, you might not know that drivers also rate you together a passenger. Here’s how to check out your passenger rating because that both Uber and also Lyft.

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When you inquiry a ride, the the next driver will get the request, and they’ll have the option to accept or refuse it. If it’s denied, the request moves onto the next-closest driver. Generally, you shouldn’t have a hard time gaining a driver to accept your request, however if you have a short passenger rating, the can influence your possibilities severely. Therefore it’s great to know where friend stand.

Your Uber Passenger Rating

Start off by opened up the Uber app on her phone and tapping ~ above the menu button in the top-left corner of the screen.


In the sidebar that pops out from the left side, you’ll see your name and also profile photo at the top. Below your name will be her passenger rating out of 5 stars. That’s it! Easy, huh?


Your Lyft Passenger Rating

Unfortunately, there’s right now no way to watch your Lyft passenger rating in the application itself, however you’re not fully out of luck.


Perhaps the easiest method to discover our your passenger rating is to just ask your Lyft driver the following time you take a ride—drivers room able to check out your passenger rating in bespeak to acquire a quick feel because that what kind of passenger you are. Therefore politely questioning them for your passenger rating is a quick and also easy way to discover that out.

Alternatively, can call Lyft support and also they can tell girlfriend what her passenger rating is. Personally, ns hit increase Lyft’s assistance Twitter account and was maybe to find out mine passenger rating that way.

How to it is in a good Passenger

If her passenger rating isn’t as good as you’d have hoped, or you simply want to keep that perfect five-star rating intact, there space some things you must keep in mental whenever you take it an Uber or a Lyft.


Over ~ above Reddit, plenty of Uber drivers and passengers alike have chimed in ~ above what renders a great or poor passenger. Here are some key points to know:

Don’t reek of exhilaration or any other pungent smell that have the right to linger.Likewise, don’t acting or drink during the ride.Don’t vomit in the auto (a pretty noticeable tip).Be ready as soon as your Uber or Lyft arrives.Don’t be loud or obnoxious.

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In the end, it really simply comes under to not being a jerk and also having some usual courtesy, i beg your pardon isn’t tough to do at all. If friend can manage that, then her passenger rating must stay pretty high and also you shouldn’t need to worry about it for the many part.

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