A stutter dial tone indicates that you have actually voicemail messages. You can inspect your voicemail message from anywhere. For more information, you deserve to watch the video, download the quick reference wallet map (PDF, 600KB) for voicemail, or describe the object below.

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Get messages by phone Dialing indigenous your house phone is the fastest way to access your voicemail. Monitor the procedures below:From your residence phone, dial *98.When prompted, go into your mailbox PIN.Press 1 come listen. Together the blog post plays, use any one that the following alternatives to navigate that message: push 1 to rewind. Press 2 come pause. Press 3 to fast-forward. Press # come skip a message.When the article is finished playing, select from the following options: Press 9 to save the message. Press 7 come delete the message. The will remain in her trash because that 48 hours. Press 6 to front a copy that the blog post to a phone call number or circulation list.Get messages indigenous anywhere To inspect voicemail as soon as you"re away from home, dial your house phone number from any kind of phone, press * (to skip the voicemail greeting), and then follow the same steps over for listening to voice messages from home.Dial your access Number If you"re far from home, but there"s a opportunity someone might answer your home phone, you may want to check for message by making use of your accessibility Number. Dial the Access Number instead, get in your home phone number, and when prompted, get in your mailbox PIN.To find your Access Number:Select Home Phone from the top navigation bar, then select Manage Features.Your voicemail accessibility Number shows up in the Call Forwarding section.

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You likewise have the choice to listen and manage your voicemail message online. To hear to your messages online:Select Home Phone from the top navigation bar, then pick Check Voice Mail. A perform of your brand-new and conserved messages will certainly be presented in the Voice Messages tab. 
Listen to messages, and save or delete them.You can likewise forward messages via Voice Mail: just check the post you great to forward. Under More Actions, select Forward via Voice Mail.