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One that the benefits of Apple"s iMessage mechanism is the ability to see and respond to iphone phone texts throughout multiple to apologize devices. shows you how to set up the feature and also get messaging on her iPad, Mac and also more.

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Go right into the Settings app on her iPhone, climate scroll down till you find Messages. Assuming iMessage is ~ above — which it presumably will certainly be — the next step is to get in Text message Forwarding.


Here you have to see compatible gadgets signed into the very same Apple ID, and also you can toggle castle on and off in ~ will. This includes Macs and also iPads, i beg your pardon of food don"t typically handle SMS messages.

Next, go back up a level in Messages, then select Send & Receive. Be sure to set your phone number as both one origin and also destination, rather than just an e-mail address. Girlfriend may have to include an email resolve to "You deserve to be reached by iMessage at" in bespeak to watch "Start brand-new conversations from" appear.


If you have an iPad, find the exact same Send & Receive food selection within the setups app, and also make sure the details matches what to be selected on her iPhone.

Mac owners must launch the Messages application itself, open up up Preferences, and hit the Accounts tab. As long as you"re signed right into the suitable Apple ID, the only thing needed right here is to once again make sure origins and destinations space the same as above.


Be warned the while you might like the idea the receiving texts across multiple devices, there are potential problems.

On a basic level, if all of your gadgets are in the very same room or house, several simultaneous notifications can create a cacophony. You might also prefer comment on a details device, and/or desire others to it is in distraction-free. Then there"s the issue of privacy, since an iPad sitting on the couch might expose one otherwise private iPhone conversation.



said around 4 years earlier

My iphone phone does not have actually the message forwarding described for messages in Settings. I have iOS 11.0.3. Why is that?



said around 4 years ago

Great tips!I usage iCloud"s aliases to sort out i beg your pardon specific device gets and also sends what. Use only a certain email alias per device, and include it come my address book through the machine name.I have setup forwarding so that my iPhone will certainly receive many of the texts/messages/chats/calls/FaceTimes/etc, and the specific machine it to be send to, except for my better-half"s, the is.BTW, I have actually been aniTools/.Mac/MobileMe/iClouduser because the beginning, and have created several aliases ago then, i beg your pardon it seems that girlfriend cannot produce as countless anymore now.



said about 4 years earlier

I don’t check out Text post Forwarding in Settings->Messages either. I have actually an iphone phone 6. Is Text article Forwarding only accessible on later on iPhones or is that a transport thing? (I have actually At&T).



said about 4 years back

My iphone does not have actually the message forwarding described for message in Settings. I have iOS 11.0.3. Why is that?
It could be the certain model of iphone you have. Mine is a 5s and it doesn"t have actually that Text article Forwarding option, nor the Show call Photos option show directly over it.

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said about 4 years back

My iphone does not have actually the message forwarding explained for message in Settings. I have actually iOS 11.0.3. Why is that?
I don"t have this either. Running the latest Beta that IOS 11.1 that was exit yesterday.iPhone 6s.