It’s every traveler’s nightmare. You’re tired from a long day on organization or vacation. Every you wanna do is flop down on her hotel bed and go come sleep. However the next day, you notice the bites. You most likely won’t even have the ability to sleep until after you’re residence again!We have actually a tiny bad news: the nightmare could an extremely well end up being a reality. Bed bugs love come travel, and also hotels--even yes, really nice hotels--tend to be a hotspot for them. We constantly recommend travelers take the complying with steps to examine their hotel rooms for bed bugs. Follow these steps and also you deserve to make absolutely certain there aren’t bed bugs in your room.‌

Step 1: Pre-prep

To look for bed bugs in your hotel room effectively, there room a couple things you’ll need. First, make certain you bring some sort of flashlight. Friend don’t require anything hefty duty; her phone’s flashlight will be fine. Next, make certain you have a credit card or something likewise thin. You"ll use this to inspect under approximately seams, zippers, and other chop areas.When you first enter her hotel, uncover the luggage rack. Luggage racks are usually in the closet. Put all of your luggage on the rack when you inspect the room. If girlfriend don’t have actually a luggage rack, placed your luggage in the bathtub. Cave up any kind of clothing or non-luggage bags you brought along till after you’ve complied with the following steps.‌

Step 2: Inspection

Now, to gain down to business. Keep your flashlight and your credit transaction card top top hand, and inspect each of the adhering to places in order:

The bed sheets

Strip the bed under to the mattress. Put the sheets out level or as level as possible. Examine each sheet thoroughly using her flashlight. Pay details attention come the edges, corners, folds, and also seams. Make certain to revolve over every sheet to examine both sides. Look for the bugs themselves, and small, copper-colored stains.

The bed’s corners

Start your inspection of the bed chin at every of its 4 corners. Use your flashlight to closely examine the folds, creases, and seams at every corner. Usage the credit transaction card to peel earlier the seams of the bed to view beneath them. Bed bugs frequently squeeze into small crevices come hide, especially during the day.While you’re analyzing the corners, make sure you lift the mattress itself to look beneath it. Bed bugs prefer to hide in dark, cramped spaces, so they frequently crowd roughly the underside the the bed. They also often lay eggs in the creases approximately the bed’s corners. Bed an insect eggs look like really small, clear or translucent beads. They’re likewise sticky, for this reason they might stick come the creases the the bed.

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Seams and also folds

After she done v the corners, the time to expand your search. Now, you need to take your credit transaction card and also peel ago the seam along the entire perimeter the the bed. Make certain you usage your flashlight so you have the right to actually see into the areas you’re revealing. Just like about the corners, you’re trying to find eggs, stains, and also the bugs themselves. Make sure you check around the zipper, too!

The rest of the bed

After you done completely checking the perimeter that the bed, job-related your means in. Give the whole mattress a when over. Look because that stains, eggs, and also any other indications of bed an insect infestation. If friend haven’t excellent so already, now’s a an excellent time to flip the mattress and also check the underside.

The Headboard

Contrary to popular belief, bed bugs no confined solely to beds themselves. They tend to move to all kinds that hiding locations where they can wait for a meal. The headboard is just one of the most famous of those hiding places. Inspect along the grooves, behind the bed, and versus the wall. Check the nightstands when you’re under there. Use your flashlight, yet don’t try moving the nightstand if it’s as well heavy. Friend don’t desire to injure yourself on her vacation either!


Occasionally, bed bugs can even migrate to different furniture transparent a room. Check any type of cloth furniture for indications of bed bugs after you’ve finished v the bed. Use your credit card and flashlight to peek into crevices and also corners.


You’re nearly done! Curtains are one more popular hiding place for bed bugs. Simply give the inside and outside the the curtains a thorough inspection. Make sure you smooth out any type of wrinkles so you’re seeing the entire curtain. If did you do it completed each step of this inspection, you can be i was sure there are not right now bed bugs in this room. To keep the hotel room that way, inspect any clothing and bags you carry in and out the the room. Finally, as soon as you get home, throw every little thing you can into her dryer. Warm kills bed bugs, so dry your luggage is a an excellent way to ensure you didn’t bring any unwanted hitchhikers ago with you.We realize this all sounds a bit like overkill, yet the method we see it, it’s far better to it is in safe than sorry. If in the off-chance you do end up v bed bugs, don’t despair! Just speak to Plunkett’s ideal away.

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If you think our investigate tips space thorough, wait until you see how we remove bed bugs once and for all. Just provide us a call, and we’ll make certain the bed bugs don’t bite.