You’re likely here because you have actually a problem. You’re enduring one or more of the following;

hearing voices and also noises that others can not hearyou’re gripped v an constant feeling of being watchedseeing flicker or intuitive phenomenon others cannot seebelief that your thoughts room not her own

If that explains you, please review on. Somehow, friend come to think that you have actually been implanted with some sort of electronics which room engaging in mental control, mind reading, tracking, stalking, or some form of electronic harassment. This short article will effort to explain why your virtual research efforts have lead you to nothing but an ext questions… or worse, being mislead by charlatans and also scammers who intend come take your money, law nothing because that you, and also leave you damaged while proceeding to suffer these problems, which frequently only acquire worse over time.

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Our founder Amal Graafstra first implanted an RFID transponder into each the his hand in 2005. Because then he is been engaged in advance of this technology, and is acutely mindful of transponder technology, brain/computer neural interface technologies, and also has a good grasp top top what the current state of the arts is qualified of, and what it is not. Below is his open up letter to you and also others suffering from these phenomenon.

The very first thing I want to say come you is, “You’re not crazy”. The second thing I want to say come you is, “You don’t have a chip implant”. I have been arising chip implant an innovation since 2005. I recognize what that is capable of and what that is not qualified of. Allow me explain what has actually happened come you, and also why it has actually nothing to carry out with chip implants.

Ever since I implanted RFID transponders right into my hand in 2005, i have been gaining emails from human being all end the world who are in search of my help. They believe they have actually been implanted versus their will with “a chip” or part for of electronics that is causing problems for them. They think that “the chip” is leading to them pain, or to hear voices which it seems ~ to understand their thoughts, or to think undesirable thoughts in general, etc.

I started investigating cases

When I an initial began acquiring emails, I involved with numerous cases. Ns was consulting this people and also forming a arrangement to investigate and also determine if over there was any type of truth come the idea that there to be foreign tools implanted into any type of of this people. The very first thing I wanted to recognize was, why walk they think they had chips implanted within themselves. Answers varied, but constantly had something to do with the adhering to two things:

1) Hollywood movies have actually done a lot come misinform people as to the capabilities and also prevalence that “chip implants” that deserve to do all kinds the things, from track people about like a general practitioners device, come performing some kind of mental / human body control. These human being felt like the troubles they were having sounded comparable to examples shown in movie of people with chips implanted, therefore the assumption was the it need to be a chip implant.

2) native humble beginnings, civilization started to collection into teams on the net who every somehow watched movies or discovered false details online that lead them to believe they were a victim that some sort to “involuntary microchipping”, and that the symptoms they space experiencing to be somehow the an outcome of a targeted assault which used microchip implants come harass them. As teams tend to do, they started to kind into echo chambers that did nothing yet reinforce this beliefs.

3) because these teams proliferated, filled with human being who space struggling, desperate, and also looking for answers at any kind of cost, a cottage market of “helpful” scammers has actually sprung up, duping world with real troubles to take their money in stimulate to one of two people “scan” you to recognize if you have actually a “chip implant”, or some sell some sort of “removal” service. Ns am utilizing a most “quotes” here due to the fact that in every solitary case, i have looked right into the validity of their claims and “services”, and also these civilization are never anything more than just scammers that take advantage of you and others with comparable problems. Examples of these species of scams can selection from cheap and hokey to an extremely slick and also professional looking. This is why your internet/google study turns up “evidence” the chips room to reference for her problems. Over there are many sites and user glossesweb.coms and “businesses” out there that all declare or in ~ least imply that your difficulties stem from chip implants.

Here are examples of each;

A “devil chip removal service” in Seoul, south Korea




As you have the right to see indigenous the “phases that testing” section, they referral something called a “UBO”… the simply method a smudgy or wispy element that reflects up as a “bright spot” in the x-ray or medical image. This are an extremely common in every medical image, led to by sport in tissue densities, bone fragmentation or calcium deposits, and also other benign biological processes… so as soon as you submit your scans to them for review, lock will allude out a bunch of this “UBOs” and also urge you come get more scanning and other things done (for a price). As you deserve to see from my x-ray below, any kind of chip implant will be crisp, clear, and very easy come identify. Because that example, this is an x-ray of mine hands. Friend can plainly see my 2 transponder chip implants. castle are an extremely clear and in sharp contrast to the rest of mine tissue and bone. They space not wispy or smudgy or amorphous… they are clear, hard, and also detailed.



Here is an example of one x-ray image submitted to one such scammer business, and also they asserted there were numerous “UBOs” that could be chip implants (circled in red).


Clearly, this blobby spots room not chip implants… yet these scammers don’t need to convince friend they are, they simply have to create doubt and also urge you to pay for much more services. One mrs who freshly contacted me just paid this criminals $500 come “get scanned” through a “JM 50 Pro” RF scanner, i m sorry is a great gadget because that RF technicians, but will perform absolutely nothing come find any type of kind of chip implant. It will only give false readings as soon as scanning someone’s human body (technical details below).

If you room unfortunate sufficient to actually have a bone fragment, the easily can be provided to manipulate you into thinking you have actually a chip implant. This is a bone fragment image from a radiography cultivate website to help x-ray technicians recognize them.


You can see bone fragments develop a dense buildup of bone and calcium which deserve to look prefer the solid straight lines that a chip implant… however it is not. There is no clear antenna winding, nor any tube/encasement visible favor there is in mine x-ray image. It’s just a bone fragment.

So what occurred with all those cases I consulted on?

We scheduled radiography imaging through their medical professionals to achieve x-ray pictures of the body. In part cases, complete body MRI or CT scans were conducted in bespeak to identify if there were any kind of foreign materials inside the body. In every case, these scans to be negative. If over there were any kind of chips or devices, they would certainly be quickly seen by any kind of of this imaging systems.

In every case, it was figured out that neurological function was impacted in some way. In two instances it was plainly a case of schizophrenia. Among these instances was properly treated and also she is living a regular, normal life currently with the aid of medication. The other instance went undiagnosed, untreated, and he dove deeper into the conspiracy theory nonsense… claiming his physicians were “in on it” and eventually his paranoia took end completely. We stopped communication because it became unsafe for me to continue correspondence. In one more case, a psychiatric disorder was causing visual hallucinations. The was understood untreatable, but having a clean diagnosis and also support indigenous the medical neighborhood made understanding and living with the problem much easier. Unfortunately, most cases were left unanswered because they might not gain the clinical attention or support essential to diagnose or law the problem.

Ok, however why can not it be chips in my case?

Let’s gain technical because that a moment. There are countless reasons why implanted chips execute not and also cannot carry out the kinds of things that would cause the type of problems you’re having.

These chips room passive transponders. They have actually no strength source, and do naught while no in extremely close proximity come a magnetically resonant leader device. The operational selection of this chips is inches in ~ best. It is why biohackers choose me placed them in our hands, therefore we deserve to put ours hands best up nearby to readers to do them work.

Aside indigenous not having actually a power source of your own, they don’t transmit any type of RF. Even though castle are called “RFID” devices, they communicate over a magnetic field coupling through the reader. Magnetic areas are like small bubbles, inside which the implant deserve to work. The chip communicates v the leader by vibrating this bubble. Any other “RF” device, favor your mobile or CB radio or FRS radio or cordless phone or also the transfer radio terminal you tune into while driving her car… every those equipment transmit RF power through the electrical field. This is the kind of emission that the “RF scanners” or “RF detectors” supplied by scammers to “scan you for chips” occupational on.

So what great is a chip implant then?

Biohackers like me usage our chips because that identification and accessibility control projects. I get into mine house and unlock my computer system with mine. Think that it choose a an essential replacement, just I can’t shed my keys.

Food for assumed - why you?

Let’s think logically about your situation. Assume there is a shadowy conspiracy that some kind that developed extremely advanced modern technology capable of enabling the sort of impacts you’re enduring in people. The technology would it is in so advanced, it would be extremely beneficial and likely an extremely expensive come produce. Why then, would certainly they bother making use of that modern technology just to mess v you? Why room you for this reason special? room you the president? A human in a an especially valuable place of power? What would certainly be acquired by spending every that initiative on you? This is not intended as one insult, but simply a logical argument to illustrate why it would certainly not make any sense to deploy such a powerful, expensive technology on any type of random person.

So what must I carry out now?

Your brain is you… it’s that you are. The the body organ that renders you, you. Your whole understanding of the universe, your ability to take in information, process it, derive meaning from it, and also make decisions is every housed inside that one organ… yet it doesn’t duty alone. Her body and all of its support processes keep it working smoothly. Every one of your input around the people comes to your brain from sensory organs like your eyes, ears, nose, etc. … things can go haywire, both in the body and also inside the mind itself.

Dreams space a perfect example of exactly how mysterious the brain can be. Imagine if you to be dreaming if awake and walking approximately the supermarket… the dream human being mixing through the input coming in from your eyes, ears, and also the rest of the body… it would certainly be extremely an overwhelming to phone call what was “real” and also what was being made up by your brain’s dreams. It could make you exceptionally irritable, or in some cases paranoid that world are adhering to you or that someone is watching you all the time. That’s exactly what many civilization who call me describe. The sense that fact is no dependable… the there are sensations, voices, intuitive phenomenon, etc. They room experiencing that carry out not correlate v what others room experiencing… “did girlfriend hear that?”… “hear what? ns didn’t listen anything.” … these are problems that need clinical attention.

Finding the suitable medical skilled can it is in a challenge, however it needs to be addressed by someone who deserve to properly diagnose and also possibly produce a treatment arrangement for you. If your medical professional is do not want or can not to aid you, discover another. Keep in search of medical help until you discover a medical professional who is able come help… best a neurological disorder specialist.

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I honestly great you the ideal of luck. I am no longer taking any consulting or investigatory cases. I’ve put all the details I have here in this post. If you great to comment on your case, feel cost-free to short article here, however I will certainly not it is in responding come any an individual messages… only public posts.