Screening tests assist detect cancer in that early, most treatable stages, even before you have actually symptoms. Some, such together a screening colonoscopy, can also treat cancer by removing abnormal cells before they become a problem. Colonoscopy needs to be excellent in a doctor"s office. Yet other screening test don"t. Here"s a rundown of six straightforward cancer screening tests you deserve to do in the privacy of your own home.

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The gFOBT checks for heme (a blood component) in her stool, which have the right to be a sign of colon cancer. It’s ideal for many people beginning at period 50. Girlfriend can acquire a gFOBT check kit from your doctor. You’ll collection stool samples at home and also mail them to her doctor’s office or lab. You may need to protect against eating particular foods prior to this test, such together red meat, which also contains heme.

FIT likewise detects traces of blood in the stool, yet it is an ext specific 보다 the gFOBT because that colon cancer. Both deserve to be as lifesaving as a colonoscopy. Right is for those ages 50 and also older. Like the gFOBT, you’ll collection a small stool sample using a kit and also send it earlier to her doctor. There’s no need to avoid certain foods. Girlfriend don’t need to prepare for this test. However follow the directions closely when you’re collecting your stool sample.

Cancerous or precancerous cells get shed into stool and also release DNA. A stool DNA test checks stool for invisible blood and also abnormal DNA, i beg your pardon are feasible signs the colon cancer. You’ll collection a stool sample in ~ home and send it come the lab because that analysis. Yes no prep because that this test. A stool DNA test is for people ages 50 and also older who aren’t at high danger of colon cancer.

An at-home saliva test checks because that 19 genes, including BRCA1 and also BRCA2, i m sorry may significantly increase the risk of emerging breast and also ovarian cancer. It will certainly be notified by her doctor and sent straight to her home. As soon as it arrives, you’ll take a saliva swab sample and also send it come the lab because that analysis. If you gain a positive result, talk v your doctor around a cancer prevention plan.

Some house screening tests, such as BSE, nothing involve the lab. This low-tech self-check is an choice for all women, starting in their 20s. That may aid detect beforehand signs of chest cancer. It have the right to be as simple as feeling and also looking at your breasts in a mirror at residence monthly (usually after her period) and noting any kind of differences, such together lumps, swelling, irritated skin, or dimpling. Tell your doctor if you an alert any changes.

Checking your skin is just one of the most crucial things you can do come detect skin cancer. No matter what her age, watch your medical professional right away if you an alert a change in the size or shade of a mole, growth or spot, or skin it is scaly, rough, oozing or bleeding. You should additionally mention a sore the won’t heal, dark coloring that’s spread beyond the border or a mole, or itchiness, pains or tenderness.

If her at-home check is positive, see your doctor. It signal the need for thoroughly testing. If your house screening check is negative, you’ll should repeat a gFOBT, FIT, or stool DNA house test yearly if you’re using it rather of colonoscopy to examine for colon cancer.

Talk v your doctor about whether at-home tests make sense for you. Health and wellness insurance doesn’t cover the at-home saliva test because that the BRCA genes. However with the Affordable treatment Act, plenty of other screening tests, including the home stool tests because that colon cancer and also screening colonoscopy and also mammography, are totally free if you have health insurance.

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