If friend ask many people about the existing quality or strength of their phone’s cabinet signal, nevertheless of your carrier, and they’ll probably give you among the following responses:

“I’m at complete bars. Great coverage.”

“I’ve barely acquired one bar that service.”

“I’ve just got half bars best now.”

It’s an easy to understand allude of reference. Yet it hardly offers a finish picture.

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On your iPhone or Android—along with any type of other cellphone or cellular-connected maker in between—the signal bars are mostly there to administer a visual representation of cell signal strength.

The reality is, the number of bars you view on her phone deserve to vary greatly and often count on the manufacturer and also model. And isn’t completely representative of signal strength.


Some phones assign various values to every bar graphic. This way the 2 signal bars showing on your design of iPhone may actually present that your phone is receiving an ext signals 보다 your friend’s Android phone call that’s right now displaying 3 signal bars.

Just favor a car’s gas gauge, signal bars can only carry out a basic idea of signal strength—not an accurate measure.

Checking your mobile phone’s actual signal strength is better than relying ~ above bars alone. However, come make feeling of this reading, let’s obtain an understanding of exactly how signal strength is measured and also how to perform a cell phone signal toughness test.

How is cell signal stamin measured accurately?

Decibels market a much more accurate and also useful measure up of cell phone signal strength.

Signal toughness for cellphones is calculated using dBm (or decibel milliwatts) as its conventional unit that measure. On a signal strength meter, dBm is generally expressed as a negative number—such as -88.

What is a good signal strength for a cabinet phone?

The closer to zero the dBm reading is, the stronger the cell phone signal.

Close come no signal strength= -110 dBmPoor signal strength = -85 dBm to -100 dBmGood signal strength = -65 dBm to -84 dBmExcellent signal strength = -64 dBm to -50 dBm

See the cell signal toughness chart below for a great comparison:


The typical range of measure up for cabinet signal strength is between -110 dBm and -30 dBm. Being a logarithmic unit that measure, every 3-dB rise is actually doubling the power. So, a cell signal that procedures -76 dBm is twice as powerful as a cabinet signal that comes in at -79 dBm.

In ar test mode, part phones may show the dBm measure as a optimistic number. In cases like that, simply convert the number to a negative. For example, 60 dBm is actually -60 dBm.

How does cabinet signal job-related with mine phone?

Different means you may use her phone require different cell signal strengths. To do a call, -100 dBm is not ideal however will work. It i do not care more an overwhelming to preserve a wireless data deliver at the -100 dBm range—particularly at 4G or LTE speeds.

To enjoy optimal functionality on her smartphone or cellular-connected device, you’ll want a signal between -50 dBm and -80 dBm.

When your cell signal is weaker than -100 dBm, it’s most likely that you won’t have company without relying ~ above a cell signal booster. If you not acquainted with mobile signal boosters and how lock work, this guide to cell signal boosters offers a beneficial explanation on exactly how they make more powerful cell connectivity possible.

How to check signal strength on an iPhone

iPhone cell phone signal stamin apps

For iPhones, there space some useful apps the you deserve to download to test existing moving signal strength and also network speeds.


Users can access detailed report on past tests and simulate downloading a document to display how signal stamin really affects iphone performance. You have the right to measure cell signal and internet signal toughness with this test.

iPhone field Test Mode

iPhone users can likewise view a signal strength reading by accessing their iPhone field Test Mode. Below are instructions to enact the ar test mode an iphone phone models. *Instructions might not occupational for iPhone’s utilizing iOS 11 and also higher.

Turn off WifiKey in *3001#12345#*Press callTap: Serving cell MeasurementsScroll down to: measure rsrp0Add +20 dBm come the resulting number (example -102 presented would be -82 dBm)

Helpful tip: once taking signal readings, relocate to the ar where you desire to take the reading, wait for 30 to 60 seconds for the signal readings to record up, and also then document the signal strength and network kind (2G, 3G, 4G, LTE, etc.).

How come check signal toughness for one Android

Android mobile signal strength app

For Android users, there is a great go-to application to execute a signal stamin test and also network speed test.

Android field Test Mode

Most Android phone models permit the user to view signal stamin readings by navigating the device’s food selection tree. Accessing field test setting on Android phones is likewise straightforward.

Go to “Settings” > “About Phone”Your number signal stamin will be available under either Network or Status, relying on the model of the phone you own.Being may be to discover the ideal menu display screen varies across phone manufacturers, models and versions that Android OS.A usual navigation succession is settings – about Phone – status or Network – Signal toughness or Network type and Strength.

Alternate navigation sequence for part Android phones is settings > much more Options or more Settings > around Phone > mobile Networks > Signal Strength. Some trying out with the menus on her Android phone should acquire you a dBm reading that’s reliable.

Helpful tip: Android phones will certainly read only one network at a time. If you have actually 4G network access, that’s the default dBm reading your phone will certainly display. If yes sir no 4G company at the moment, the reading will default come 3G.

After adhering to the instructions above, if you’re unable to determine your device’s signal strength reading, check the operations guide that came with your device.

How to increase mobile signal strength

Hence why a signal booster would have the ability to overcome these challenges and also bring you the strong, reputable cell coverage that you mean inside your residence or vehicle.

With trial and error cell signal strength, it’s less complicated to see how subtle differences in signal toughness can affect the power of your smartphone, tablets, or other cellular-connected devices. That can also be a an excellent way come troubleshoot why you might be enduring dropped calls, delayed texts, sluggish data speeds, or difficulties with streaming video clip content.

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