Sharing Amazon accounts is a typical thing now, specifically after the introduction of Prime. Occasionally you have actually orders in your Amazon account the you don’t desire others come see. Archiving an Amazon order can help you through this. But, a lot of human being get confused when they desire to watch the Archived order on Amazon.

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If friend or someone else has archived an order on her Amazon account and you want to find it, this post is walking to assist you. Here, i will describe “How to view Archived assignment on Amazon?” Additionally, I’ll additionally drop some useful information about them.


What room Archived order on Amazon?

Whatever friend order from Amazon is conserved to your account. Archived orders space the order in your account that you don’t desire to view in the Default bespeak History. This option is frequently used through Amazon users to hide the details of your orders. Archiving an stimulate doesn’t delete the bespeak information however only moves it to the back.


There can be varying reasons because that why one demands to save on computer an order. For example, one has actually ordered something together a gift for a family members member and he doesn’t desire the member come know around it. Or, someone has actually ordered something inappropriate and also doesn’t want the other account customers to discover it out.

No orders space archived automatically, you need to do the manually. The procedure to perform that is really simple. If friend don’t know around it, I’ll describe that.

How come Archive an order on Amazon?

When girlfriend archive an order, Amazon stops referencing it and also it will certainly not show up in the default history view. If girlfriend don’t know just how to archive an stimulate on Amazon, I’ll help you. The process is really easy and also straightforward. Monitor these an easy steps to discover it.

Step-1: walk to your Amazon account in the browser.

Step-2: now go to the ‘Your Orders’ section. Next, situate the order you desire to archive and also select it.

Step-3: Finally, click on ‘Archive order.’


That’s it. This is just how you archive an order on Amazon come hide it from appearing in the default order history.

How to discover Archived order on Amazon?

If you or who else has actually archived an order in your Amazon account, friend can easily find and also view it. Below are the two straightforward methods the you deserve to use to do so. I’ll explain both of them in a step-wise manner. Friend only need to follow the straightforward steps one the remainder will occur automatically.


Follow this instructions properly.

Step-1: walk to your Amazon account in the browser. Log into your Amazon account if you space not currently logged in.

Step-2: Now click Your Orders from the Account & lists drop-down menu. You will certainly be taken to the ‘Your Orders’ section then.


Step-3: you will view a box under ‘Your Orders’ beside your total variety of placed orders with ‘Past 6 months‘ written. Click on the down arrow that that box to access the drop-down menu.


Step-4: role down, uncover ‘Archived Orders’ and select it.

That’s it. Friend will currently see all the archived order in her account. Girlfriend can select to unarchive castle if friend want. Also, if friend don’t have any type of archived orders in her account, then you will certainly not see the ‘Archived Orders’ option in the drop-down menu.


Follow this instructions properly.

Step-1: open up a browser on your PC and visit Make sure you readjust to your country’s Amazon marketplace domain and also then log in through your account credentials.

Step-2: now take the cursor come ‘Accounts & Lists‘ and also select Your Account indigenous the drop-down menu.


Step-3: Scroll under on the ‘Your Account Page,’ find and also click top top ‘Archived Orders’ current under the ‘Ordering and shopping preferences‘ section.


Step-4: friend will discover all her archived orders here. If girlfriend don’t have actually any, the display screen will it is in empty.

That’s it. You can additionally unarchive order from here easily. To execute that, simply click the ‘Unarchive order’ option present beside the order.

Amazon Archived assignment F.A.Q

If girlfriend still have specific doubts around archived order on Amazon, you need to go with these commonly asked questions (F.A.Q). This will assist you to clear any type of queries and also learn additional stuff about it.

Can ns archive orders over the Amazon cell phone app?

No, friend can’t archive orders with the Amazon cell phone app. You’ll need to use Amazon’s website to execute that. The mobile app only enables you to check out your archived orders.

How to view Archived orders in the Amazon cell phone app?

To check out archived orders in the Amazon mobile app, follow these an easy instructions.

Launch the Amazon app on your smartphone.Tap ~ above the ‘3-horizontal lines’ top top the peak left corner of the screen.Now tap ~ above ‘Your Orders.’


Next, tap on Filter.Finally, select ‘Archived orders’ under the Order type section and also click on Apply.

Now you have the right to see all the archived order here.

Can i delete or hide my archived orders?

You can’t delete any kind of order from her Amazon history. You deserve to only hide her orders. Come hide an archived bespeak on Amazon, go to the order and then click on the ‘Hide Order’ button present next to it. Once Amazon asks because that confirmation, approve it.


To view covert orders, merely go come the ‘Your Account’ page and click top top ‘View hidden Orders.’ indigenous here, girlfriend can additionally unhide them by clicking on ‘Unhide Order.’ when you unhide an order, it’ll start showing up in the default order history.

How come Hide Amazon search History?

If you want to totally hide an order indigenous an Amazon account, you’ll have to hide it native the Amazon search background along with archiving it. To carry out that, walk to the Amazon website in a browser, find and click top top the ‘Browsing History’ link present on the top-right portion of the page. Next, click Manage history to accessibility the drop-down menu and also then remove each item the you don’t want to check out in history.


Along v this, always remember to use Amazon in a private or incognito tab when you are going to order something the you’d desire to hide later. You can additionally turn off ‘Browsing History’ ~ above Amazon as soon as ordering such items.

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Final Take

Archiving orders on Amazon can aid you come hide them native users through you re-publishing the account. This is just how you can view your archived orders on Amazon. You have actually now learned all the essential information about it. If you want to recognize anything else, make certain to asking in the comments ar below.