If you didn"t think anti-virus software application was needed on your Mac, think again. Cultivation threats have made all computers susceptible to viruses and also malware - including those v macOS. If Apple"s software has traditionally excellent a good job the protecting devices, adding another great of defense is useful if only for added peace the mind. 

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There are sure signs your computer system has become infected and also steps you can take come make certain the device is better protected in the future.

Signs you could have a problem

Infected machines provide off various red flags to indicate when there is a problem. Your computer probably won"t show every sign, but at the very least a couple of of them. 

These include:

- The clearest authorize that a virus could have hit your computer is that it"s running lot slower 보다 usual.

- A surprising adjust to your net browser"s homepage can be another sign that something has happened. New toolbars in Safari would likewise suggest there"s a problem, Houston. 

- unanticipated ads or defense alerts popping up can be another sign. Adware clicks are peskier 보다 outright dangerous, but they must be swatted nonetheless. 

- being unable come open papers or system settings on her Mac is a significant sign points aren"t quite right. 

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What you can do

If you"re persuaded your computer has malware, there room a couple of things you deserve to do come troubleshoot and also hopefully solve the issue. The very first step counts on even if it is you currently have one anti-virus software program package installed. If girlfriend do, operation a system scan immediately and see if it detects a problem. Make sure the software program is utilizing the latest update. If not, be certain to download it. If malware has actually been detected, follow the directions for removal from your anti-virus software program provider. 

Without anti-virus software installed, over there are other troubleshooting steps you can take. After ~ performing each, reboot her computer. 

First, take a look inside the "Applications" folder on your Mac and also look because that unknown software titles. Delete this apps by dragging them into "Trash", climate right-clicking and selecting "Delete Trash".

You should additionally delete everything in the "Downloads" folder. It"s right here where you"ll discover files downloaded from the internet. 

Next, take it a look at the login items on her computer. Go into "System Preferences", click "Users & Groups", and choose the "Login Items" tab. Uncheck any item the looks suspicious. 

Finally, get in the "Safari" app and choose Safari > preferences from the menu bar. Pick the "General" tab and check the "HomePage" listing. Is it exactly or a website you didn"t add? readjust the "HomePage", together needed. Additionally, in Safari > Preferences, click the "Extensions" tab and also make sure these are the ones friend installed. Delete the extensions that don"t watch right.