Since the arrival of the iphone phone 7, Apple has actually not contained a headphone jack on the iPhone. Because that those that like to hear to music while your phone charges, this can current a little of a problem. The great news is the there space a lot of of good accessories, such together Belkin"s 3.5 mm + Lightning RockStar adapter, that deserve to keep the tunes coming and the power flowing in ~ the same time.

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Old-fashioned listening: Belkin 3.5mm + Lightning fee RockStar

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You could have one old pair of cheap earbuds the you quiet love or a high-end collection of cans that you don"t go everywhere without. With this single, you have the right to listen through either while friend charge utilizing the included Lightning port.


Double Lightning: Belkin Lightning Audio + fee Rockstar

For those with a collection of Lightning headphones, this solitary features two Lightning ports, one for charging, and also one because that accessories, consisting of chargers.


Split the up: Pop view Lightning Splitter

While Belkin"s solution has Apple"s blessing, this dongle v two Lightning harbor is all set to walk at much less than half the price.


For your desk: Apple iphone Lightning Dock

If friend listen through a collection of wired, 3.5mm headphones at your desk, Apple"s Lightning Dock is an accessory to consider. It comes complete with a 3.5mm headphone jack in the earlier so you deserve to listen come music if you fee your phone.


Wireless headphones: apologize AirPods

An important accessory for most Apple maker owners, the recent generation that AirPods feature an ext stable connections and "Hey Siri" support, and also as wireless earphones, store your lightning port clear because that chargers and also battery packs.

While the instance itself supplies your phone"s Lightning port, it has actually a Lightning port all it"s own, an interpretation that you have the right to use it with a charging cable and AirPods, wired headphones and a cheap dongle, or a splitter dongle if you need to keep the situation charged while girlfriend listen.

Whether you"re making use of it in conjunction through AirPods or some kind of dongle and also wired headphones, this battery bank has sufficient juice to store your listening walking on and also on and also on and also on.

If you"ve gained a set of wired headphones, this adapter pairs wonderfully with Apple"s clever Battery Case, for this reason you can listen through your favorite headphones when the case charges her iPhone.

Use this with a dongle or charging instance to course your iPhone"s audio to speakers or your car"s sound system.

If you desire recommendations

As someone who doesn"t always like to usage a case and has a decent collection of wired Audio-Technica headphones, I"m partial to the Belkin 3.5mm + Lightning RockStar for playing and charging once I"m going come sit down and also put those headphones on.

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But I"m also someone that provides wireless earphones many of the time. Apple"s recent generation that AirPods, with far better device connections and also "Hey Siri" support, are my go-to accessories these days, and paired v the smart Battery Case, they"re a killing charging and also listening combination.

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