If you're a Charter WiFi user, you need to keep your network secure. An altering your WiFi password is a an easy and effective way to add second layer of defense to her network. This guide covers the finest ways to manage your Charter Spectrum Network password.

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You can adjust the Charter WiFi password using a browser. First, attach to the network. If you're not sure what the WiFi password is, then usage our guide to aid you locate your network protection key. Alternatively, you deserve to use one ethernet cable to attach directly to your router.

Open a browser home window and go to this address: in to her router v the admin username and also password.Look v the menu choices for an option to edit your WiFi network. The name of the network may be labeled with SSID, Gateway name, or Wireless Network.The password ar will more than likely be labeled WPA Pre-Shared Key. As soon as you find it, create a brand-new WiFi password and save the changes.

You have the right to view her WiFi network name and password utilizing the main Charter Spectrum website. There space two means to access the information.

Access using manage Account

Choose ServicesSelect Internet

Access using My Internet

Select My InternetGo to Manage WiFi Settings

You have the right to locate the default network login information on her Charter Spectrum WiFi router. Look underneath because that a sticker containing her network name and also key. Periodically a technician will give you a separate keep in mind with the default Wi-Fi information.

If you still need assistance, visit the Spectrum Support page for more help.


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Keeping one eye on her Wi-Fi rate is a good way to look out for network issues. How fast your Wi-Fi is will influence things favor streaming, downloading, and online gaming.

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