We recognize that you can't – or don't constantly want come – take it phone calls as quickly as you obtain them. You may be in the middle of something important, or in a social situation where answering your phone would be rude. Or her phone may just simply it is in in a spot where you can't obtain to it quickly, prefer in an additional room, in a backpack or purse, or probably just back at the house because you forgot it!

Whatever the reason, you require to have the ability to let world who speak to you know exactly how they can call you, or in ~ least gain their message to you. That's what voicemail greetings are for! In this lesson, we'll present you just how to collection one up on your Android phone, even if it is you desire a standard greeting because that simplicity and functionality or a practice greeting the adds a personal touch.

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If friend haven't caused the voicemail system for your Android call yet, you have the right to learn how to execute that in our tutorial here.

How to document or change your Android voicemail greeting in 10 an easy steps

1. Revolve on your phone and also launch the phone app.

Turn the strength on for her phone. Then, madness the Phone app.


2. Open the dial pad.

Tap the dial pad icon close to the bottom of the display to carry up your phone's dial pad.


3. Speak to your voicemail.

Using the dial pad, form in the phone number assigned to your voicemail account, and then press the environment-friendly Call button. Or, simply press and hold the 1 vital if that's easier.


4. Enter your voicemail password.

If you have set a password lock for her voicemail account, you will be triggered to crucial it in. Use the dial pad to do so.


5. Walk to her voicemail settings.

Once you room in your voicemail system, the particular options that you have – and also the tricks on the dial pad that you have to press to accessibility them – will certainly differ slightly, relying on your telecom carrier. However, the general procedure should be similar to the one defined from here on out.

Anyway, start by tapping the key on the dial pad that coincides to your personal settings. In this case, it's 4.


6. Access your greeting or taped name settings.

Next, press the vital on the dial pad that coincides to options for her greeting or tape-recorded name. In this case, it's 3.

7. Edit your voicemail greeting.

Now, press the dial pad an essential for transforming or recording her voicemail greeting. It's 1 in this case.

8. Select a traditional greeting, or develop a tradition one.

You will usually be offered the selection to either pick a conventional greeting or document a custom one. Push the key on the dial pad that represents what you desire to do. In this case, you push 1 if you want a typical greeting or 2 if you desire a custom greeting.


If you pick a traditional greeting, you might be allowed to choose from different variations. Because that example, in this case, you deserve to press 1 ~ above the dial pad to leave a greeting with your recorded name, or push 2 to leaving a greeting v your phone number.


If you choose to record a tradition greeting, wait because that the prompt tone to sound, and then speak your greeting. Once you're finished, press the designated key on the keypad (in this case, #) to protect against the recording.


Stuck v regards to what to say? us have write-ups with advice on record a officially voicemail greeting to display off her professionalism, or recording a funny greeting if you desire to leave her family and friends in stitches.

After recording your custom greeting, you will usually have actually several options. For instance, you have the right to play it ago to check out if girlfriend like how it sounds, re-record the greeting if friend don't choose it (in this instance, go earlier and repeat action 10), or check the greeting if you're satisfied v it.

Press the vital on the dial pad that synchronizes with what you want to do. In this case, you have the right to press 1 come replay the greeting, * to re-record it, or # to store it.


9. Hang up.

Once you've selected a greeting, press the red End Call button to cave up and also exit your voicemail system.

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There you have actually it! friend now know the simple steps for an altering your voicemail greeting on your Android phone. Whether you think a conventional greeting will do, or want a practice one because that some an individual flair, you're all prepared to collection one up! following up, we'll go over how to actually examine your voicemail.