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Online course - July 05, 2021

When to plan an Orientation and Mobility trip with a student, the is vital to think about which form of transport that castle would like to take (Read around route planning). As soon as planning on using the city bus or train, the Google Maps application is incredibly helpful. In most areas, particularly metropolitan areas, the Google maps app enables users to collection departure times. This is useful when course planning since a bulk of the time pilgrimage planning is done in advance. With that in mind, the is beneficial to use the leave times feature.

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Open the Google Maps app.On the bottom left side of the screen, tap ~ above the direction button.Across the top of the direction page, you will watch transportation choices just listed below the your Location and destination search bars. Swipe left or right through the transportation alternatives until you watch the transit icon.Just below the transit options, you will view “Depart at…”. Tap on “Depart at…”, and change the time that you wish to depart. Use the Picker items to pick the date and also time that you would favor to depart for her trip, then tap Done. In the exact same area wherein you check out “Depart at…”, friend will view the word alternatives on the best side. Tap options to carry up a list of Route choices that currently include desired Modes of take trip (Bus, Train, Subway) and also Route alternatives (Best Route, few Transfers, less Walking, Wheelchair Accessible). You can customize the previously mentioned options as you wish.When you return to the directions page, friend will view a perform of travel course options. Tap on the desired option. On the following page girlfriend will see a thorough list of instructions for her trip. If girlfriend tap ~ above the up/down arrows alongside a collection of travel instructions, the list will broaden showing an ext details the the stop after your pickup location. If girlfriend tap top top the first set of accuse that have actually a little arrow pointing come the right alongside it, a list of bus exit times will display up. Because that example, as soon as you tap ~ above the bus exit time, friend can access all that the times and locations that bus stop before and also after your pickup time. The same uses to train directions. At the bottom the the directions page, you have the choice to add the route to the Calendar application on iOS or come Google Calendar. You likewise have the alternative to include a Google Maps reminder. Here you have actually the choice to toggle ~ above a reminder to leave on time and an choice to collection a deliver reminder. In ~ the very bottom of the directions page you have the right to tap on the call information because that the transit company (website and phone number).

Empowering our students (and clients) to effort for independence is one of the most important points for transition. For an ext Google Maps application travel tips and tricks, check out the following video:

Do you have any kind of tips because that helping her students and/or clients usage digital maps in a more independent way? please share below.

I'm using the Google Maps app on Android and it doesn't seem to have the "Depart at..." feature. The web site does, but not the app.

What if you're driving? This choice is accessible on website but not app, and also can't use website when app is currently installed.

Apparently the Depart At feature is disabled if you have an interim destination in her routing...unfortunate.

posted by Tom LHSep 12, 2018

Agree. It only seems to exist on the browser version. Absurd

post by ShamSep 12, 2018

Is over there a fix for this? Or, is it possible to usage Google Maps website on phone through Chrome there is no it immediately opening the app?

Here is a new feature! setup real-time traffic and transit updates because that your everyday commute. - Ericka

Android call google map does not have alternatives for setup up begin time or arrive time on driving mode! huge DRAWBACK!I believed Google apps to be the best.

posted by Alison Nov 11, 2018

I need depart by/arrive through for automobile not transit ~ above the app. Please can anyone assist TIA

post by MarkNov 12, 2018

Open maps on one incognito page and also it will stay on the web browser version.This enables you to readjust the start time.

posted by DougDec 06, 2018

This does not occupational for the app. Period.

posted by EHDec 19, 2018

Sort this out Google. It's ridiculous. I'm trying to work out just how long a details journey will take on a Sunday morning, yet it's Wednesday morning and also I'm getting rush hour timings. So impossible to plan my trip at the weekend. Many thanks for that.

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All that you have actually a an excellent point! please share her feedback directly with Google Maps. Google Maps help and Feedback here.

It does, it's just not wherein they said... In the app currently, once you fight the directions switch after searching for your destination, it'll present the route on the map, in ~ the peak it will certainly say something like "your location" and also then under it her destination. Alongside "your location" over there is 3 dots. Click those and you'll it is in able to collection the depart and also arrive time