iOS 12, Apple’s latest mobile software for iPhone and also iPad, is out. The brand-new software packs in a bunch of brand-new security and privacy features you’ve probably currently heard about. Here’s what you have to do to take benefit of the new settings and also lock down your device.

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1. Revolve on USB restricted Mode to make hacking more difficult


This difficult-to-find brand-new feature prevents any accessories indigenous connecting to your maker — choose USB cables and headphones — as soon as your iphone phone or iPad has been locked for much more than an hour. That stays clear of police and also hackers alike indigenous using devices to bypass her lock display passcode and also get her data.

Go to Settings > Touch id & Passcode and type in your passcode. Then, scroll down and also ensure that USB Accessories room not allowed on the lock screen, therefore make certain the setting is Off. (On an iphone X, inspect your Face ID settings instead.)

2. Make certain automatic iOS updates room turned on


Every time your iPhone or iPad updates, that comes through a slew of security patches to protect against crashes or data theft. Yet, how regularly do you update your phone? many don’t bother uneven it’s a major update. Now, iOS 12 will update your maker behind the scenes, conserving you downtime. Just make certain you move it on.

Go to Settings > General > Software Update and turn on automatic updates.

3. Set a stronger device passcode


iOS has actually gotten better in current years v passcodes. Because that years, it to be a four-digit password by default, and also now it’s six-digits. That makes it much more daunting to run through every mix — well-known as brute-forcing.

But did you recognize that you can collection a number-only password of any type of length? Eight-digits, 12 — even an ext — and it keeps the number keypad top top the lock display screen so friend don’t need to fiddle approximately with the keyboard.

Go come Settings > Touch i would & Passcode and also enter her passcode. Then, go to Change password and, native the options, set a Custom Numeric Code.

4. Now, switch on two-factor authentication


Two-factor is among the ideal ways to store your account safe. If who steals her password, castle still need your phone come break into your account. Because that years, two-factor has actually been cumbersome and annoying. Now, iOS 12 has a new feature the auto-fills the code, so that takes the frustration step out of the equation — for this reason you have no excuse.

You may be inquiry to move on two-factor as soon as you collection up your phone. Friend can also go come Settings and also tap your name, then walk to Password & Security. Just tap Turn top top Two-Factor Authentication and follow the prompts.

5. While you’re here… change your reused passwords


iOS 12’s password manager has actually a new feature: password auditing. If it find you’ve used the very same password on multiple sites, it will warn you and advise you to adjust those passwords. It prevents password reuse strikes (known as “credential stuffing“) that hackers use to break into multiple sites and services utilizing the exact same username and also password.

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Go to Settings > Passwords & Accounts > Website & app Passwords and go into your passcode. You’ll view a tiny warning symbol alongside each account that recognizes a reused password. One tap of the Change Password on Website button and you’re done.