Google maps lug to you the satellite view making use of the Google earth data. Right here is the step-by-step overview to edit or exactly a ar in Google Maps.

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Google Maps is among the many widely provided services nowadays. Beginning from measure the street to providing directions, it helps customers in a range of ways. Till now you have used Google Maps for her convince yet did you understand Google is currently letting users add lacking places to Maps?

You can include physical addresses to do them seek on maps. The map bring to friend the satellite view making use of the Google planet data. Together you have the right to publicly include places, like a organization or landmark, come the map. You can additionally edit the location and also make the correction if marked wrong ~ above the map.

Here is a step-by-step guide to modify or exactly a location in Google Maps.

What you can change, add or modify info about a place:

NameAddressMarker locationHours or other facts

How to indicate an modify to a place or location:

On your Android phone or tablet, open the Google Maps application Maps.Search because that a location or tap that on the map.Scroll down and select imply an edit.Follow onscreen instructions come send her feedback.

How to indicate edits to one or an ext business attributes:

On your Android phone or tablet, open up the Google Maps application Maps.Find the profile of the business you want to edit.Tap about and then define this place.You deserve to tap an attribute to adjust it to:TrueFalseUnsureWhen you’re excellent making edits, tap Send Send.


If who submits an edit for a place, you could see the edit. If you’re acquainted with the place, tell us if the edit is right or wrong by tapping on the said edit. Your feedback will aid Google Maps decide if the place"s info should it is in changed.

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