In this article, I define how Chrome and also Firefox deserve to reveal your physical location and how to use various methods to spoof her location.

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NordVPN does a top-notch task of opening up access to the geo-blocked content of multiple streaming services, consisting of Netflix, Hulu, BBC iPlayer, Amazon element Video, Disney+, and also numerous others.

The provider provides a large global server network, with over 5,400 servers stationed in practically 60 countries roughly the globe.

Those servers carry out fast, well-encrypted relations that offer the capacity to currently HD and 4K content, and also which are more than up to such well-known online tasks as gaming and also sharing huge files.

In addition to military-grade encryption, NordVPN likewise protects your connection using kill switch protection, IPv6 and DNS leak prevention, and more.

NordVPN offers native application support for most popular tools – consisting of iOS, Android, Android TV, Linux, macOS, Windows and also Amazon Fire devices. Plus, it supplies Chrome and Firefox browser extensions, as well as compatibility v a large number of router makes and also models.

By utilizing the VPN service’s web browser extensions, you deserve to quickly connect to VPN servers roughly the globe, fooling your browser into believing friend are located in the very same area the the civilization the VPN server resides in. This way you’ll have actually no need for manually transforming browser settings, and also you i will not ~ need any other web browser extensions.

TRY NORDVPN RISK-FREE:The provider uses a risk-free 30-day money-back guarantee.

Read my complete NordVPN evaluation here.

No VPN? Here’s how to Manually Spoof Your location in Chrome and also Firefox

In situation you nothing opt for a VPN, here’s just how to spoof your ar without one.


To spoof your location in the Chrome browser, perform the following:

While you’re in a Chrome browser window, hit Ctrl+Shift+I (if you’re running Windows) or Cmd+Option+I (if you’re to run macOS). The Chrome Developer Tools home window will open.Hit the Esc key, and then click the Console menu (it’s 3 dots to the left the the console, close to the bottom that the screen.)

Click ~ above “Sensors” and change the Geolocation dropdown come “Other…”
Please keep in mind that you have to keep the developer tools window open and also remain in the same browser window. Any new windows that are opened will disclose your really location.


To spoof your ar in the Firefox browser, do the following:

Type the complying with in her Firefox browser’s resolve bar: “about:config” (without the quotation marks).

You’ll view a warning prompt popular music up telling you that there is risk associated in altering the progressed settings. Hey, we’re large boys and also girls, right? walk ahead and click “Accept the risk and also continue” if you’re feeling froggy.You’ll see one more warning the “Changing these preferences can affect Firefox performance or security.” We’ve gone this far, for this reason click the “Show All” link.Look because that the setup “geo.enabled.”

The value obelisk for “geo.enabled” should read “true.” Double-click “true” come toggle the setup to “false.”
It have to be noted that law the above will only prevent Firefox native tracking her location. If you’d choose to set a new location, you’ll should do the following:

While quiet in “about:config,” look for a setting labeled “geo-wifi.url”.Change this setting’s value to the ar you want to appear to it is in in. To collection your brand-new location, you’ll must enter particular longitude and also latitude values. The layout is as complies with (but instead of the latitude (lat) and longitude (lng) values v the correct worths for her selected location): data:application/json,“location”: “lat”: 39.798278, “lng”: -86.240840, “accuracy”: 27000.0

(If you go into the values displayed above, her Firefox browser will think you somewhere close to turn 1 of the Indianapolis engine Speedway in Speedway, IN.)

If you need to uncover the longitude and also latitude because that a particular address, use among the numerous online resources, such as GPS coordinates or

Unlike Chrome, Firefox permits you to open multiple home windows in the browser and still have your ar spoofed in each window.

Remember, if you ever before want to revert back to the default ar settings in Firefox, just right-click almost everywhere in the “geo.wifi.url” row and also then click “Reset.”

Check to Make certain the Manual ar Spoofing Worked

If you’d choose to check to view if your manual spoofing was successful, visit an virtual checking tool, such together BrowserLeaks.

If you gone into the longitude and latitude info correctly (and making use of the positions I detailed in the Firefox section), it should appear to BrowserLeaks that you are located near the Indianapolis motor Speedway.


Spoof her Geo-Location utilizing the ar Guard internet browser Extension

As pointed out previously, the location Guard internet browser extension is accessible for both the Chrome and Firefox internet browser platforms.

The location Guard extension offers two main features:

The ability to Spoof your Location: The extension’s Fixed location feature enables you to select a location almost everywhere in the world by either picking it ~ above a map or manually entering it in a find bar.The ability to reduced the Accuracy of location Detection: This feature allows you to still gain the services of web browser location detection, but without permitting any 3rd parties come detect your exact location. That does this by including “noise” come the place detection information, offering only a basic area about your location. So, instead of being able to small your location down to the street level, just perhaps a 10-block area could be detected.Using location GuardGo to “Options” and readjust the “Default Level” come “Use resolved location.”

Go to “Fixed Location” and also select a ar on the map by either clicking the map (you can zoom in and also out) or beginning an address in the find bar.
As you have the right to see, using ar Guard is much less complicated than manually beginning your location as we did in the vault section.

However, privacy-conscious users may not feel comfortable adding another internet browser extension to the mix. Plus, location Guard does nothing to protect your online activities from prying eyes, as a VPN does. It’s her call.

WebRTC Blocking

While we’re considering leaks that deserve to reveal your genuine IP address, let’s take a look in ~ WebRTC leaks.

WebRTC, or net Real-Time Communication, helps allow audio and video browser-to-browser communication. It’s developed into numerous browsers, and also even as soon as using a VPN, WebRTC have the right to possibly reveal your genuine IP address.

While countless VPNs market WebRTC leak protection, countless of them execute so only in their full-blown apps and don’t encompass it in your VPN browser extensions.

However, part do, such as NordVPN and also ExpressVPN. The one much more thing you should research before deciding on a VPN provider.

You deserve to disable WebRTC in your Firefox internet browser by act the following:

Enter “about:config” in her Firefox deal with bar.

Click v the two warnings.Search because that “media.peerconnection.enabled”.The value will most likely say “true.” If it does, double-click the row so that reads “false.”

Unfortunately, yes sir no manual method to attain this in the Chrome browser. However, you can take advantage of Chrome web browser extensions such as WebRTC Leak Prevent and also WebRTC Leak Control.

Use BrowserLeaks’ WebRTC Leak Test to make sure WebRTC is blocked.

Can I usage a DNS Proxy come Spoof my Location?

While you can use a DNS proxy business for the IP address part of place spoofing, a DNS proxy will only change your IP address if you’re visiting a website or organization that requires geo-unblocking. For various other sites, the proxy doesn’t gain enabled, and you’ll get a normal link to that site.

Plus, DNS proxy services carry out not encrypt your internet connection like a VPN does, so her online activities are left open to observation and interception. If protection is your number one concern, usage a VPN.

Can I usage a complimentary VPN to Spoof my Geo-Location?

While a cost-free VPN have the right to probably aid you spoof your ar in Chrome and Firefox, there are inconvenient limitations to making use of a totally free VPN, and the security and privacy protections that many freebie VPN providers offer room usually severely lacking.

As much as geo-spoofing goes, you’ll uncover that your nation connection choices are severely restricted with many sans-cost VPN providers.

You’ll one of two people be automatically linked to a server (and location) of the provider’s choice, or you’ll be presented with a limited number the server places to select from. This method your content-unblocking alternatives will be significantly limited.

As because that security and also privacy, you likely won’t it is in happy in those department either. Even “free” VPN providers have to keep the lamp on, so many of them carry out some less-than-privacy-friendly points to make money.

For instance, some freebie VPNs will certainly track your users’ virtual activities, then market that an important information to advertisers and also other interested third parties.

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Others will inject undesirable advertisements and also tracking cookies into their users’ web browser sessions. (And those tracking cookies hang around, also after did you do it disconnected from the VPN’s servers.)

It’s just an ext convenient, more efficient, and much more secure and also private to pay a couple of bucks for a high quality VPN provider.