In numerous ways, Google find is the can be fried homepage. Learn how to collection it up, no matter which web internet browser you use.

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Your selection of homepage says a lot around you together a person. Lot like your desktop wallpaper, it can give civilization a lasting impression of her persona.

However, unequal a wallpaper or a theme, it additionally has to maintain an element of usefulness. And terms the usefulness, you can"t acquire much much better than Google. Sure, girlfriend could try something favor Reddit or Google News, but Google search is the ultimate internet portal.

just how do you do Google her homepage? Here"s exactly how to perform it ~ above the four major web browsers.

chrome homepage
Follow this instructions if Google Chrome is your internet browser of choice:

open up Chrome. click the Menu symbol in the upper right-hand edge (three vertical dots). choose Settings. Scroll under to ~ above Startup. note the checkbox beside Open a particular page or set of pages. enter right into the on-screen box.

Make certain you also permit the Show residence button toggle, which gives girlfriend an on-screen means to do Google Search just a single click away.

edge homepage
Microsoft edge is automatically installed top top a home windows system. It"s been gaining an enhancing amount of popular in current years, thanks to its tight integration through the rest of the windows operating system.

open up Edge. click on the More icon in the top right-hand corner (three horizontal dots). pick Settings. In the left-hand panel, click ~ above Start-up. mark the checkbox alongside Open a particular page or pages. go into in the on-screen box.

firefox homepage
Firefox remains among the fastest net browsers obtainable and is the de facto best-in-class for anyone who wants a internet browser that"s no made by among the technology giants.

open up Firefox. click on the Menu switch (three horizontal lines). pick Settings.

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In the dashboard on the left-hand side of the screen, select Home. Scroll down to New Windows and also Tabs. In the dropdown box next to Homepage and brand-new windows, get in Google"s URL.

Screenshot of adding Google together the Safari homepage