Google Chrome internet browser on Android shows you a perform of “Articles for You” in every new tab you open. This perform of articles is instantly curated by Google based on your interests or more precisely your search history and activity. Google Chrome doesn’t offer you any kind of option under the setups to disable or remove these suggestions.

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Google Chrome offers you an alternative to hide these write-ups however they quiet remain covert on her home display screen under a collapsible menu. There room users that love this feature however some world consider it together an distraction or one intrusive feature.

If you deserve to live without this suggestions and also want come disable and also remove it totally from her Home display then you can follow these steps.

Remove “Articles for You” indigenous Chrome

Open Chrome Browser on your Android phone.

Enter the complying with URL in her browser’s address bar and also hit Enter.



Select Disable from the drop down Menu and also you would obtain a popup asking you come Relaunch Chrome.


Relaunch by tapping top top Relaunch Now.

Now, friend would have to disable an additional flag. For doing that go into the complying with URL in her Android Chrome resolve bar.


This would present the Interest Feed contents Suggestions flag onscreen. Choose Disabled native the Drop under menu.


Tap ~ above the Relaunch Now notification. After ~ Chrome restarts it will not pack “Suggested posts for You” in her tab. If girlfriend still check out the write-ups on display screen then try Force Stopping Chrome. Wait because that a minute and then open up the Chrome app again.

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This would certainly disable Articles because that You feature and also it won’t appear on your home screen or tabs.