How to change Alexa"s name so your Echo smart speaker responds come a different wake word.

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Wondering just how to adjust Alexa"s name? Whether someone in your family members shares Alexa"s name, or you"d merely prefer come say miscellaneous else, friend can adjust the wake up word the Amazon"s personal assistant come an entirely various one of her choosing.

Alexa is given name the the AI that resides inside all the best Alexa speakers, favor the Amazon Echo (3rd Gen) and also Amazon Echo period (3rd Gen). When you summon Alexa and also give the commands, it can tell friend the news and also weather, beat music, revolve on smart residence devices, order friend Lyft or a pizza, begin calls with friends and also much more.

But if you"re worn down of having actually to say "Alexa," when you desire to take benefit of every the best Alexa skills, you can readjust your device"s setups so the the microphones listen for a various cue.

When girlfriend know just how to readjust Alexa"s name, you have the right to say things prefer "Amazon," "Echo," or also "Computer," to summon her voice assistant instead. For currently Alexa alternatives are minimal to those three phrases, however you have the right to rotate in between them at any time by adhering to the steps below.

Keep in mind transforming your assistant"s wake up word functions on a device-by-device basis. You"ll need to use the repeat the steps listed below for each Echo speak in her home, no matter if you very own the tiny Echo Flex, substantial Echo Studio or any kind of other Alexa speak in between.

Amazon has likewise updated Alexa so the you no much longer need to say a wake up word prior to every command. If you allow Follow-Up mode, your Echo device will save listening for 5 seconds ~ the perfect of a request. See our indict on how to revolve on Follow-Up Mode.

For more Alexa tips and also tricks, inspect out our overview on exactly how to use Alexa. Come use many of its clever functionalities you"ll have to stay linked to the internet, so check out our overview on exactly how to connect Alexa to Wi-Fi if you haven"t.

Here"s exactly how to readjust Alexa"s name on her Echo.

How to adjust Alexa"s name

1. Open the Amazon Alexa application on your Android or iOS device.

4. Tap on the Echo machine you desire to change. You can only change the wake up word the one Echo speak at a time.

5. Scroll down and tap "Wake Word." choose Alexa, Amazon, Echo, or Computer, relying on your preference.

After you"ve adjusted Alexa"s name to among the alternatives, you can adjust it earlier to Alexa if your choice changes. Just follow the procedures above.

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