Firefox for iOS provides you the ability to add, remove and adjust a default find engine. There space a selection of find engines available to select from such together Google and also Bing. Girlfriend can likewise manually add other search engines and collection one the them together your default.

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Change default search engine

Tap the menu switch at the bottom the the display (the menu will be at the top right if you"re using an iPad):

Tap settings in the menu panel.Tap Search.Tap the existing default search engine name.You existing default find engine selection will have actually a examine mark. To usage another, madness the name of the find you desire to usage as your default find engine.After you choose a new default search engine, Firefox will certainly take you earlier to the Search screen. Madness Settings to go back to the menu, and tap Done come close it.

Show search suggestions: through default, Firefox mirrors you find suggestions indigenous the default find engine if you form in the deal with bar. See revolve search proposal on or off on Firefox because that iOS to adjust this setting.

See allow or disable find engines ~ above Firefox for iOS to change which search engines deserve to be supplied for a search.

Add a search engine

Tap the menu switch at the bottom the the display screen (the menu will be in ~ the peak right if you"re utilizing an iPad):

Tap settings in the menu panel.Tap Search.Tap include Search Engine under the list of easily accessible Quick-Search Engines .Enter a name for the find engine in the Title text field.Enter a find string URL in the URL message field
Please be certain to change the questions string with “%s”, because that example: friend don"t recognize which search string to usage for a specific search engine, friend can access its website in a new tab, do any kind of search and use the resulting URL together a reference. Because that example, if you walk to and also search because that firefox, the result URL in the address bar will be Then the find string should be, instead of the query with "%s".

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Tap the conserve button. The search engine is added to the predefined list of find engines in alphabet order.

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