You have the right to censor a video with video editing software prefer VideoStudio. Follow together with our tutorial listed below to learn the easiest way to censor a video. You can make a video about anything. Any kind of business, any kind of hobby, any type of subject, any story, and also put it the end there in the people for people to enjoy. But perhaps the story you tell has actually moments that might be sensitive to some viewers. Bad language maybe. VideoStudio allows you censor videos to keep tight regulate of your contents without compromising on your capability to tell her story. Review on to uncover out just how to censor a video.

You have the right to censor a video with a mosaic blur or by including a graphics overtop of the parts you great to hide. Come censor a video, or come cover a ar of video clip - a face, a patent plate, a logo, we use activity Tracking come ensure emphasis is covered as it moves along the screen.

Install VideoStudio

To install VideoStudio video clip editing software on your PC, download and run the installation paper above. Continue following on-screen instructions to finish the setup process.

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Open monitor motion

With your video clip clip selected ~ above the timeline, click the monitor Motion switch on the Toolbar, or best click and select track motion.


Select video clip tracker

In the Tracker kind area girlfriend can pick to set a tracker area ( a solved area) or to collection a Multi-point area ( dynamic area the adjusts in shape and size together the object moves). Relocate your target end the area you wish to track and readjust the size.


Select mosaic blur come censor a part of a video

To censor a video and disguise the ar you will track, we will select to ‘Apply Mosaic’ button to allow the mosaic and also then click the arrowhead beside the button to choose a Rectangle or one mosaic and change the size of the mosaic with the drop down. This will censor the ar of your video clip as the object moves.


Track motion

Click the Track movement button. The video is played as the tracking route is generated.The area the the tracked object will have actually a mosaic-like impact to censor this area that the video clip when you see the video clip in the Preview window of the main program. Click OK and return to the timeline.

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VideoStudio does much more than just censor videos

Check out some of the other video editing functions in VideoStudio, like cut a video, edit a video, blur videos, and also more! create high top quality videos in a fun and also easy come use video clip editor and make her movies was standing out more than ever.

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Download the ideal solution for censoring videos the there is

Need to censor a video? VideoStudios powerful video editing and enhancing features permit you to censor sensitive parts of your videos. Click below to download your totally free 30-day trial and also censor your video clip for free before friend buy!