IF i were to try and record my koi now, or at any kind of other time for the matter! just how is the best means to try and do it? They are in a 11x26" pond around 4.5" deep with an extremely irregular bottom, and pipes because that the above liner bottom drains? ns do have a large net, however the take care of I"m finding because that scooping pipeline isn"t long enough so no method it would be long sufficient to catch the fishSuggestions?

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I usually drain most the the water to capture my fish. The large one"s are basic to catch, the is the little one"s the you have actually a tough time catching.
To begin with girlfriend will need a good net . If you currently have a smart net kind that attaches to a aluminum pole you can go to a home Depot or Lowes and get a much longer telescoping pole . Simply be patient and calm slow activities with the net and also keep the network tipped up in the direction the the head of the koi to deter jumping once in or near the net. After a re-read the your article Maybe two human being w/ nets . Http://store.japankoionline.com/stor...Code=08-01pond
Perhaps you can discover a seine net locally and with someone else helping, drag the net and move all the koi to one end of the pond where you deserve to then record them v your regular net. Much much easier on you and also the fish.

I obtained 2 pieces of 1" pvc 8" in length. I than attached netting 10"x8" the is uses for the scoop type nets to each side through tie wraps. Ns then weighted the bottom the the net with chain that was tie wrapped in as well. This is a 3 person operation minf you. 1 human being on every side the pond sticks seine net right into the pond and also pulls throughout the bottom cautious not to pull on your drains that is wherein you background up and also over them. This is a Koi round up indeed and you heard them come the end of your pond and also then using your scoop net you scoop them the end gently into your blue koi basket. Once I am done I just roll the net up and also wash the off and also stand on finish to dry and also then placed it away.This was a very easy job to build and the cost was under $30.00 including net, tie wraps, pvc & chain. Works for me and also I expect it works for you.

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It is frequently said the land blessed with an excellent natural water deserve to produce good crops, rice, sake and beautiful women....and a few very good Koi.