For nearly five years, the weekly web collection To capture a Cheater has supposedly to be doing exactly what its location suggests: recording people in the plot of cheating ~ above their far-ranging others.

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Despite its popularity — the show’s YouTube channel has over 3 million subscribers — many viewers have actually questioned whether the episodes space scripted for dramatic effect. If you’re a die-hard fan, you may not like the answer.

The series’ hosts, Sameer Bhavnani and Luis Mercado, have protected their content countless times and constantly claim that the interactions displayed on camera space real. However a 2018 segment ~ above Inside Edition featured past participants that alleged they were paid actors.


" all completely fake. That was all a scene we were doing," Micah Potts, one of many unfaithful boyfriends highlighted over the years, told correspondent Lisa Guerrero. His "girlfriend," Tameika Dawkins, backed up she bogus beau’s statements. 

"If we didn't market it, it wouldn't be believable," she stated at the time, adding that the phony pair was directed on what to perform throughout the whole shoot after meeting for the very first time that morning.

Another aspiring actress, who’s merely referred to together "Jessica," told Inside Edition the she appeared in 2 episodes, both that which compelled her to play the part of the upper heart girlfriend. 

"No, there is nothing real — my surname wasn't real, my age, my boyfriend, i didn't have actually a boyfriend," she claimed. "I didn't accomplish the boy who cheated ~ above me. None of it was real."


Her second scumbag SO, "Marquis," reiterated what Jessica said. "I would like for world to understand that it to be fake and also just an exhilaration job and also it wasn't real and also we're not actually together," he shared.

When confronted with the interviews, Bhavnani simply declared that the individuals were lying. "These room couples that regret being on the present or readjust their mind and feel the they will certainly take less backlash if they to speak they to be acting instead of speak it's real," the alleged.

Naysayers allude to the "Jehovah's angry episode" together proof that 'To capture a Cheater' is fake.

A 2017 installment featuring a male who was reportedly a Jehovah’s witness received immediate criticism from viewers end its apparent inconsistencies.


Those acquainted with the denomination detailed that the man’s outfit did no adhere to the classic Jehovah’s Witness dress code. "There has actually never to be a Jehovah’s witness that has knocked mine door pull on in jeans and also with a backpack or alone," one commenter allegedly composed under the video.

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Another reasoned, "This is clear fake since Jehovah’s Witnesses always travel with one partner at the an extremely least. And also their ar ministry doesn't encompass jeans because that apparel."

Under an article around the controversial episode, one self-proclaimed Jehovah’s witness argued, "We also carry our holy bible with united state either in printed form or on our tablets or smart phones, this man doesn't also have one!"

That details video was originally deleted, yet has since been reposted ~ above To catch a Cheater's channel. It right now has an ext than one million views.

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