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Redeeming file Savings bond Under Special scenarios

Outside the United States

If you space in another country, you have the right to redeem (cash) your document bonds in among these ways:

If you room a U.S. Citizen and also you can obtain to a branch of a financial institution that is integrated in the united States, or a U.S. Region or possession, or the commonwealth of Puerto Rico That financial institution may be able to redeem your bonds. Contact the financial institution to discover out.
If you are not a U.S. Citizens or if you space a citizen but cannot discover a bank locally the is authorized to and also willing come redeem your bonds You need to sign the inquiry for payment for your bonds in the existence of an ideal official and that official need to certify her signature. proper officials are: a U.S. Diplomatic or consular representative one officer the a foreign branch of a bank that is incorporated in the U.S., a U.S. Territory or possession, or the commonwealth of Puerto Rico a notary or other main authorized to administer oaths. However, if you are in a country that is not a party come the Hague Convention, a U.S. Diplomatic or consular officer must certify and also attest to the official"s character and jurisdiction.

Redeeming a Minor"s paper Bond

A parent may redeem a minor"s shortcut if:

The boy is too young to sign the inquiry for payment. The minor lives with the parent or the parent has been granted legal custody.

As the parent, you should write the following on the ago of the bond, placing the minor"s name and your surname in the ideal places and using the appropriate phrase about living through or having legal custody:

"I certify that ns am the parent of . lives with me / I have actually been granted legitimate custody of . is ___ year old and is no of adequate understanding to make this request.

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You must then authorize the request through your surname "on behalf of a minor."

If a regional financial college that redeems savings bond is ready to redeem the bond The financial institution may pay the money to the parent.
If you execute not have actually a regional financial institution that is willing to redeem the bond