Are you starting a brand-new job together a waiter/waitress or perform you simply want to boost your serving skills? transferring food and also drinks deserve to be among the many stressful parts of her job. You need to move quick and also you need to make certain you don"t pour out anything ~ above the diners! Apologising for spilling soup top top a customer"s shirts can come to be a horrifying experience in her career (especially if you"re not offered to taking care of angry customers). But don"t fret, we"re here to help.Here are the ideal ways to carry serving plates so girlfriend can become a pro!

And nothing forget, as you’re constantly taking care of food and utensils and potentially customers, that really essential to keep washing and also sterilising your hands regularly to avoid possible cross contamination.

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Practice renders perfect!

If it"s your an initial time serving, you will likely obtain some training with your manager prior to you start but if you desire to make a good an initial impression, there"s no harm getting some practice at home. Part restaurant plates may be heavier than the plates girlfriend have but at least you deserve to practice the technique.

Obviously protect against using the high-quality plates, just in case you have some shaky starts, and also hold the plates very closely over a table or a soft surface ar to avoid any smashes.

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Wear the exactly footwear

A typical problem waiters and waitresses encounter when carrying plates are slips, trips and falls. These can occur when you room going indigenous one surface ar to another, choose a greasy kitchen floor come the wood or carpeted floor of a dining area.Slip-resistant shoes aid reduce slips and also falls at work, making these security shoes because that wait staff right for a busy setting like a restaurant.

Getting the appropriate shoes for work can aid you prevent potential injuries and also damaging the health of your feet or her back. Visit our shop to check out out latest styles:


Getting ready for a project interview?

If you"re practicing her serving skills for an upcoming interview, climate it"s vital you prepare for the interview questions as well. Here"s end twenty inquiries you"ll likely hear in an interview (we"ve likewise given instance answers to assist you prepare). Download your complimentary copy:


Do you have any type of tips you think we"ve missed? Tell us any much more best means to bring plates and also drinks, and we might add them come our list!