Canceling Comcast’s Xfinity TV service and also streaming your content can sound scary at first, v a ton of choices and decision to make, but we expect this overview will help you find out the cord cutting is surprisingly easy. In fact, friend may already have most, if no everything, you need. So this particular day we room going to aid you release Comcast’s Xfinity TV and show you how you can still legally clock your shows as you conserve money.

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How to Cancel Comcast’s Xfinity TV Service

Comcast like many cable TV services make it hard to cancel however we space going to perform our finest to assist you out. The first thing you should do is chose if you want to cancel every one of your Comcast services including internet and also switch come something prefer DSL or if you simply want come cancel her TV portion of your bill. If you want to keep web with Comcast we strongly imply you very first find the end the price of other choices in her area favor DSL. The will aid you as soon as Comcast tries to market you an overly expensive web package.

Now the you are all set to release just contact Comcast in ~ 1-800-266-2278. Remember the people you will talk with are not over there to help you cancel they room going come do everything they deserve to to scare you into staying with Comcast for this reason be all set to speak NO over and over again as soon as they try to convince you come stay.

How to clock Your reflects & networks After you Cancel Comcast’s Xfinity

Now that you have canceled Comcast there room many great ways to still watch her favorite TV shows and events live as they happen. Right here is a quick failure of some of the most famous options:

Want a full side by side channel to compare of this services? We have a complete chart breaking under what networks each organization offers HERE.


fuboTV is one of the finest streaming services for sports fans. FuboTV costs $54.99/month and includes a vast collection the channels. V fuboTV, you’ll get accessibility to a long list of channels including discovery Networks, Viacom, FOX, and also more.

Sling TV

Sling TV beginning at simply $25 a month v a vast collection of channels yet right currently you deserve to still obtain the Sling TV deal for 40% off of every packages for the first three months, make Orange and also Blue $15 each and the mix of the two just $25. Sling likewise has a7-day cost-free trial therefore you can test


Hulu also has a vast collection of live TV channels beginning at $44.99 a month and also it has Hulu’s on-demand service.


Philo prices just $20 a month and is perfect if you are not searching for sports or news. Philo offers access to a vast collection of networks from Viacom, AMC, A+E Networks, Discovery, Hallmark, and also more.

PlayStation Vue

PlayStation Vue starts in ~ $49.99/month because that the accessibility package to get over 48 networks including locals in most areas.

YouTube TV

For $49.99/month you can get a subscription to YouTube TV which includes access to over 70 channels. Girlfriend can develop up come 6 profiles v each YouTube TV subscription, so girlfriend can set your own profile as much as show and record games when her favorite teams play.


When you authorize up for AT&T TV NOW, you’ll choose from 2 package options. The add to option prices $50/month and comes through 45+ channels including HBO. Or you can get the $70 a month Max package through 60+ channels along with HBO and Cinemax.


Right now you can gain Vidgo for simply $14.99 a month and also get access to 48 channels in the national English Streaming Plan. (Note: This is only a test launch and more channels will be added to the lineup at the moment of the complete launch.)

Here are the tools that will let you clock these services on your TV:

Streaming PlayerSling TVPS VueAT&T TV NOWYouTube TVHuluFuboTVPhilo
Android Phones/TabletXXXXXXX
Xbox OneXXX
PlayStation 4X

Congratulations! You space a cord cutter!

That’s it! You have successfully set yourself up together a cord cutter. Every you need to do currently is speak to your cable TV provider and also cancel your cable TV! Make certain they put you top top their execute not speak to list, therefore they don’t speak to you every day because that years come come. You can discover out how to be placed on a carry out not call list at your old cable agency byclicking HERE.

Remember to take it a look at our overview on how to stop thethree most common mistakes civilization make as soon as they cut the cord.

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