Freedom Fitness is a fitness center in Texas.

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The center offers programs for both the young and the elderly, and also they also carry out child watch service along with fitness for kids.

Terminate Your liberty Fitness membership on her Own

If you desire to cancel freedom Fitness, you have the right to do it in the adhering to ways: 

Can you Cancel WithYes/No
In PersonYes

How come Quit freedom Fitness In Person

If girlfriend have any kind of reason to avoid going to the liberty Fitness center, you can end your member by stopping by her local flexibility Fitness gym. When you get there, explain to the employee that you want to terminate your membership. Here are the liberty Fitness locations:

GymAddressWorking Hours

South Padre Island freedom Fitness

5858 S Padre Island Dr

Corpus Christi, Texas



Alameda liberty Fitness

3231 southern Alameda

Corpus Christi, Texas


Monday–Thursday from 5 a.m. To 12 a.m.Friday indigenous 5 a.m. To 7 a.m.Saturday–Sunday indigenous 7 a.m. To 7 p.m.

Calallen freedom Fitness

4147 I-69 accessibility Rd

Corpus Christi, Texas


Monday indigenous 5 a.m. To 12 a.m.Tuesday–Thursday 24 hoursFriday native 12 a.m to 10 p.m.Saturday–Sunday from 7 a.m. Come 10 p.m.

Saratoga liberty Fitness

5513 Saratoga Blvd

Corpus Christi, Texas



End Your liberty Fitness member on the Phone

Another way of canceling flexibility Fitness is by calling the gym you typically workout at. once you obtain on the phone with a representative, carry out your member details and explain the you desire to end it. The representative will tell you what to do next. 

They will try to make you readjust your mind, so you have to stand her ground. 

Here space the phone numbers of the flexibility Fitness gyms:

GymPhone number
South Padre Island liberty Fitness361-814-7867
Alameda flexibility Fitness361-334-4250
Calallen liberty Fitness361-504-4925
Saratoga freedom Fitness361-442-2208

Forget around Gym Guilt—Get Rid the Your liberty Fitness membership via


If you desire to avoid managing Freedom Fitness staff’s attempts to guilt you the end of quitting the gym, usage to cancel her membership! with, girlfriend can finish your liberty Fitness cancellation in a few steps, without having to speak to their customer service! To perform this, complete the adhering to steps:

Choose Find hidden MoneyEnter Freedom Fitness together the member you desire to end

It’s as simple as that! once you submit your request, we will certainly send a legal notification of your cancellation to freedom Fitness. You will get an email from us as shortly as we terminate your membership.

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Got ~ above a unstable Patch With liberty Fitness? Sue Them through


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