Being component of FOX News, FOX Nation is a streaming business that gift its users with initial shows and documentaries.

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The platform has almost 300,000 active subscribers.

How come cancel FOX nation subscription utilizing


If girlfriend would favor to usage to cancel FOX nation or any type of other subscription, perform as follows:

Select ‘Find concealed Money’Enter ‘FOX Nation’ in the find barCancel FOX country subscription

Are there any type of other means to cancel FOX Nation?


There are number of other means to unsubscribe from FOX Nation:

Can you cancel withYes / No
FOX nation websiteYes
App StoreYes

How come cancel FOX country via their website

To cancel your FOX nation subscription via their main website, you need to:

In the upper right edge of her screen, girlfriend will check out a drop-down menu. Float over the arrow and also select ‘My Account’ from the menuSelect the ‘Cancel Plan’ optionProvide them through a reason regarding why you’re canceling your plan

How come cancel FOX country via application Store

If you desire to cancel your FOX nation subscription via app store, girlfriend should:

Go to her iTunes accountSelect the ‘Account Setting’ optionSelect the ‘Subscriptions’ optionFind ‘FOX Nation’ and also select itSelect ‘Cancel Subscription’

Does FOX nation offer refunds?

Unfortunately, similar to the majority of suppliers that sell subscription services, FOX country will no refund you during an active subscription.

Will FOX country automatically move you to a paid plan after the totally free trial?

Yes, if you don’t cancel your subscription during the complimentary trial, FOX country is walk to begin charging you as shortly as the 7-day psychological expires.

Why you should get the free Trial Card


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FOX country alternatives

If you’re searching for some better alternatives, these room our recommendations:

CuriosityStream$2,99/month or $19,99/yearWide variety of various documentariesHigh-quality production
Netflix$12,99/month for traditional PlanOriginal programUser-friendly

Are you enabled to stop your FOX country subscription instead of canceling it?

No, FOX nation does not offer to pause users’ subscriptions instead of canceling them.

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