Do no panic if you have actually ordered the wrong variety of pizza through mistake yet do not know how come cancel order on Dominos app. You are only person to goof up and also this deserve to surely it is in reversed through ease. Review on to recognize the step-by-step guide of cancelling the order.

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How to Cancel order on Dominos App?

It is reasonably easy to cancel an bespeak on the Dominos app. However, time is the the essence. You need to cancel automatically after you have actually realized the slip-up together you may not want the pizza to it is in prepared and also leave the facility. More importantly, it would not look great to revolve away the delivery guy once he has actually reached your doorstep.


You should likewise know that Dominos has actually the appropriate to release the order because of various factors which will certainly be debated later in the article. Those factors are valid sufficient for you to ensure canceling in ~ the faster so the you can order from Dominos later also.

Manually release the order by adhering to the instructions given below:

Launch the Dominos application on your mobile.Check the order standing in the my Orders sectionClick on the customer treatment option native the food selection of Dominos appYou will certainly be connected with a virtual customer treatment executive botText ‘cancel my order’ and also hit OKYou can likewise cancel the bespeak by tapping on the publication order alternative in the mine Orders section depending on the time of placing the orderYou may additionally call the customer care number to shot and release the orderIt is currently up come the discretion that the Dominos outlet come cancel or not cancel the order relying on the quantity and also time of placing the order.The refund will certainly be transferred earlier to the initial payment an approach within a few days.

Can Dominos Cancel her Order?

While ~ above the subject of how come cancel order on Dominos app, you must understand that Dominos reserves complete rights come cancel her order ~ above their very own as well.

Find out the reasons below:

The delivery resolve is recognized to it is in abusiveCustomer care number has been dialed to ar hoax orders earlierThe customer has actually been blacklisted native the Dominos database for miscellaneous reasonUnable to call the customerNo price on the delivery address or can not to reach the customer on the phoneDelivery can not happen because of the not correct delivery address or the customer no homeThe customer has actually not choose up a carryout order at the Dominos.

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Dominos is well-known for their 30 minutes pizza distribution or acquire it for complimentary except for distinct occasions as soon as this plan does not apply. It is just one of the top pizza shipment chains in India with competitively priced very delicious food. Obtain the order placed right the very first time chin to no go through the problem of cancelling and also book an additional thereby delaying the time of enjoy it a scrumptious meal.