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Step 2

Click on the gear icon in the optimal right edge (see red arrow) to obtain to her account page.


Step 3

Click Account Details under sign Out.


Step 4

Click regulate Subscription.


Step 5

Scroll come the bottom and click “I desire to Cancel” and pass a pair more hoops. You will certainly receive an e-mail confirmation soon after your cancellation. If you simply want to modify your plan, friend can additionally do therefore on this page.

Affordable alternatives for Streaming Live TV

So you’re a “cord-cutter 2.0” now, however what if girlfriend still have the itch to watch live TV? Well, 2 solid choices are Sling TV and Hulu+Live TV.

Sling TV offers much more channels than AT&T TV NOW and also a lower price for extra channels, which begin at $3 every add-on. Brand-new subscribers can get 40% off the first month of service which brings it come a nice clean $15 (Reg. $25) for the straightforward Sling Orange or Blue options. Looking for even more? you can additionally get the Orange & Blue combo for $25 (Reg. $40) because that the first month.

If you enjoy your local channels, you can additionally watch them in ~ no price with this existing deal. For a minimal time, Sling TV is providing a totally free AIRTV+RCA HDTV at home Antenna (Reg. $109.99) when you subscribe and also pre-pay for 3 months of service.

Sign Up because that Sling TV

For those looking come binge-watch shows and movies as well as live television, Hulu+Live TV provides the finest of both civilizations at a slightly cheaper rate than at&t TV NOW. The organization comes with an ext than 60 channels and grants full access to Hulu’s streaming library for $44.99 a month.

However, brand-new and standard subscribers can start a week-long trial totally free of charge. Unlike other services, getting started v Hulu+Live TV is extremely easy as it no require any equipment rentals or installation. Just sign up and you’re great to go.

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Sign Up for Hulu

Both Sling TV and Hulu are certainly less expensive 보다 AT&T TV now in regards to price and also provide similar services, therefore whichever one you finish up going through is a an excellent choice. If you are in the industry for an ext TV-related deals, be certain to head to our transaction Alert page to collection up your notifications.

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