processes donations exactly how the contribution form is fill out once a clicks the donate button. Each organization or project creates its own contribution forms, and some use pre-set recurring forms, which have the recurring option pre-selected. This can an outcome in signing up because that unintended recurring contributions if the “No, donate once” alternative is not manually selected.

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If you carry out not want to make a recurring contribution, make sure the recurring switch is not selected before submitting your contribution. A checkmark will show up on the switch that is selected: In the picture above, “No, donate once” is selected, for this reason the user will certainly make a one-time donation.

All teams that use pre-set recurring creates must monitor’s policy and also explicitly and plainly ask donors because that recurring contributions instantly before the donor clicks the connect to offer in an e-mail or text or top top a website. For instance, in the listed below email, clicking any type of of the “Express Donate” buttons will automatically procedure a recurring donation if you have actually an express account.


When her donation is processed, the pop-up will certainly specify whether your contribution will recur.


If you get a pop-up after you provide that asks friend to rise your donation, the quantity you choose to boost your influence by will certainly only apply to the contribution you made the day. So if you provide a recurring contribution of $5, and then pick to boost your donation through $1 in the pop-up, your first charge will be for $6. Yet the future recurrences of her donation will be $5!

Our Customer service Team is always accessible at info to help rectify an unintended recurring contribution, or you can follow this directions.

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If you have any kind of concerns about the way a certain contribution form has been collection up, you can always reach out straight to the organization or campaign that developed it.