Microsoft’s your Phone application for Android can route photos, just arrived notifications, and text messages to your home windows 10 PC. That latest function update included something even more useful: the ability to make and also receive calls on your pc without reaching for her phone. The application can also let you seamlessly move calls in between your PC and phone in situation you need to go mobile.

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Getting things set up no difficult, return there room a few requirements come note before you dive right into the procedures below.

You’ll require a pc (any kind, desktop or laptop, x64 or ARM-based) running windows 10 version 1803 or higher and any kind of phone to run Android variation 7.0 or higher.

Download the her Phone app on her phone and also PC

To obtain your Android phone and also PC talking to each other, you’ll require the app installed ~ above both devices.

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Ensure that you’re signed in with a Microsoft account on your PC. (You can sign in utilizing the “Account” alternative in the settings app.) Otherwise, you won’t be able to proceed v the setup.Once the app is mounted on her phone, open it and also sign in with your Microsoft account. Note that you’ll need to agree to offer it permission to accessibility your contacts, phone speak to log, media, and also text messages, and to consistently run that in the background.


Link your phone and also PC

After you’ve signed in on both devices, castle are all set to speak to each other. Ensure that your phone and also PC are on the exact same Wi-Fi network, then boot the your Phone app on your PC.
If you see a dialog box that asks you come select between Android and iOS (iPhone users room currently restricted to sending webpages in between devices), it means that friend haven’t signed in through the exact same account ~ above mobile and also PC (or girlfriend forgot to log in in on among them).Once her phone and PC develop a link, you’ll get a persistent an alert on your mobile, which will first ask you come verify that you’ll permit the connection of devices to occur. Fight “Allow.”At this point, her phone should display up in the your Phone app on PC. The will encompass a dialer symbol labeled “Calls” in ~ the bottom the the perform beneath her phone’s name and also image. This is whereby you’ll walk to location calls.
yet first, you’ll must manually attach your phone via Bluetooth to her PC. The her Phone application does have a streamlined technique for acquiring dialer access, yet it didn’t work in my testing. However, manually pairing the devices worked every time across multiple phones.To affix your phone (if friend haven’t dealt with Bluetooth before), allow pairing setting in your Android phone call by pulling down the notification shade top top your home screen, then long-press top top the Bluetooth icon to open settings. Native there, permit Bluetooth if the off and also tap “Pair brand-new device” or whatever comparable option your phone lists.Now perform the exact same on your PC. Tap the Windows vital and form “Bluetooth” to traction up the “Bluetooth & other devices” settings. When you’re there, tap “Add Bluetooth or other device,” and in package that opens up, insanity “Bluetooth.”
Lastly, open up the dialer ar in the her Phone application on her PC, and follow the instructions. It will certainly send another notification to her phone that demands approval. You’ll acquire yet another notice when you request access to the call log. If you give both that those (and no, you won’t need to go through this process again), you need to see your recent calls populate on the dialer screen. This is a great sign the it’s working.
Finally! you all collection up come place and also receive calls through the your Phone application on windows 10. Just make sure that her headset or the speakers on your pc are effectively configured to occupational with calls, and you have to be an excellent to go.
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