Leave her Android device in your pocket the following time it ring - choose it up from your pc instead. Calling calls for Bluetooth capacity on both her PC and also on your Android device, for this reason make sure you have actually it turn on for both. 

To make a call on her PC:

Open the Your Phone app and also select Calls.

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In the Search her contacts box, search because that a call name or number. Alternately, friend can straight enter a phone number ~ above the dial pad.

Select the dial icon

to begin your call.

If girlfriend don"t have actually Bluetooth easily accessible on your maker (or if it"s to be turned off), girlfriend won"t have the ability to make or get calls on your PC.

If you encounter worries while utilizing the calling feature, these troubleshooting tips might help. 

Android permissions are forced for this feature

The first time you usage calling, you"ll be prompted to allow permissions on her Android device. Choosing Allow on this permissions will certainly let the your Phone app accessibility and display information from her Android device. 

How carry out I view my phone’s current calls on my PC?

On her PC, open up the Your Phone app and select Calls. Your current calls will certainly be displayed here.

How numerous recent calls have the right to I see?

The her Phone application displays phone call you"ve made or got in the critical 90 days.

Can I control or delete my current calls?

You can"t manage or delete current calls from your PC.

How do I mute a call?

You can mute a contact by utilizing the mute switch on your Android device or PC.

When you place a contact on your computer with your Phone, a small separate window opens to display the contact you"re on:


Click the downward pointing arrow to increase the window. Then the Mute button will end up being available:


When you start a speak to on her PC and transfer it to your Android device, you can only mute the contact from your phone (not from your PC).

If a call is happening on her Android device, you can not mute that contact from your PC.

Making emergency calls with the her Phone app

Emergency Services.

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 While it may be possible to ar calls to or receive calls indigenous Emergency services using your Phone, keep in mind that your Phone is not a replacement because that your major telephone service. Her Phone calls may not work-related or may acquire disrupted as result of power issues, street from your computer to your phone, or other technical issues. In addition, over there are vital differences in between Your Phone and traditional wireless (mobile) or fixed-line call services. Her Phone is not forced to offer access to Emergency services under any type of applicable neighborhood or national rules, regulations, or law. Your Phone is not intended to glossesweb.com or carry emergency calls come any form of hospitals, law enforcement agencies, medical treatment units or any kind of other type of services that affix a user come emergency services personnel or public security answering clues (“Emergency Services”).