Contacting one Inmate email Messages

Inmates are not authorized accessibility to the Internet. However, with JPay Inc., a Florida–based company, the Department provides a range of multimedia solutions to inmates, consisting of secure mail, with both an interaction kiosk, accessible in every general population housing unit, and secure tablets.

For much more information, or to produce an account, visit:

Secure mail is easily accessible to inmates in ~ a cost of $0.39/stamp, through one rubber stamp purchasing one email. This is $0.16 cheaper than the price of a first-class postage stamp, right now at $0.55. The cost of Secure letter covers the expense of the facilities to support it and monitoring the the messages because that safety and security purposes.

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calling an Inmate Inmate phone Procedure

Florida jail inmates are not permitted to obtain telephone calls. Inmates may ar collect phone call to authorized numbers.

If there is a family members emergency, family members room urged to call the institution"s chaplain. The chaplain will notify the inmate and he/she might be granted a one-of-a-kind telephone call

Click below for information about the brand-new Inmate call System.

glossesweb.comwide Inmate Telephone device Hours

Turn On

Turn Off






















The job before any kind of holiday



For holidays fallout’s on Monday v Thursday (except Thanksgiving)



Note: • these times are based on Eastern traditional Time (EST). Establishments operating in the main Time zone will observe the EST telephone hours. • glossesweb.comwide or institutional emergencies may impact these hours.

composing an Inmate Packaging

All correspondence handle to inmates have to be sent by U.S. Postal organization mail. Correspondence sent out by other courier or delivery services will it is in refused

Inmates shall not be permitted to receive routine letter in boxes, padded envelopes, plastic bags, multi-layer packaging,envelopes that include metal parts, any type of package containing balloon wrap or pack peanuts, or card stock form envelopes (i.e. U.S. Mail Priority or U.S. Mail Express map board type)

Addressing the Envelope

Always usage the inmate’s cursed name, number, and also institutional deal with when addressing your letters.

Use the Facility file to situate the resolve for significant institutions. Use the printable directory to find Work and Forestry Camps, roadway Prisons, job-related Release Centers and Administrative business Center addresses.

Address the envelope together follows.


Mail have to be composed in English or Spanish unless the inmate has actually prior composed approval native the warden to receive correspondence in another language.

All regimen mail sent out to one inmate is opened, examined, and also read by designated room staff.

Items enabled Through routine Mail

Inmates will be permitted to receive just the following types of materials through regimen mail:

created correspondence (no limit together to variety of pages). Correspondence might be created on greeting cards, yet cards containing electronic or other non-paper parts, cards which are built in together a means as to permit concealment that contraband, or i beg your pardon are bigger than 8"x10" will not it is in permitted. as much as 15 pages of added written materials, unless prior approval is acquired from the warden come send in an enclosure of higher than 15 pages every page deserve to be no larger than 8 1/2 x 14 inch in size; material can be top top both sides of a page. This go not encompass bound publication which will certainly be handled pursuant to dominance 33-501.401, F.A.C. Separation, personal, instance newspaper or magazine short articles or clippings or clippings from various other publications space permissible, as much as the 15 web page limit. No item deserve to be glued, taped, stapled or otherwise affixed to a page. Requests come send enclosures of higher than 15 pages shall it is in made come the warden or his designee before sending the material. Exception to the 15 web page limitation space intended for enclosures concerning legal, medical, or other far-reaching issues, and also not for product for general reading or to chat purposes. The warden shall recommend the sender and the mail room the his approval or disapproval of the request. Photographs. Photographs will be counted toward the 15 page added materials limitation. naked photographs or photographs which reveal genitalia, buttocks, or the mrs breast will not it is in permitted. Polaroid photographs will certainly not be permitted. Photographs will certainly not exceed 8"x10". Self-addressed stamped envelopes. This items execute not count towards the 15 web page limitation for added materials, yet cannot exceed the equivalent of 20 (1 ounce) very first class stamps. Empty greeting cards (no larger than 8"x10"), stationery or other blank paper or envelopes. This items do not count toward the 15 web page limitation for added materials, yet cannot exceed 10 in number, with a full possession border of 15 of each item. Stationery and blank file must be white, off-white, or yellow. Map stock, sketch paper, and also other species of craft record may no be included. constraints on program Mail

The following items space not permissible for inclusion in or attachments to program mail handle to an inmate:

Non-paper items; items of a non-communicative nature such as lottery tickets or matchbooks; stickers or stamps (other 보다 postage stamps, postal organization attachments, and address labels affixed to the external of the envelope); address labels (other 보다 those affixed to the external of the e-mail envelope); Laminated cards or various other laminated materials.

Incoming mail shall be disapproved for mailing or delivery to one inmate if any part of it:

Depicts or describes procedures because that the building of or usage of weapons, ammunitions, bombs, chemistry agents, or incendiary devices; Depicts, encourages, or explains methods of escape from correctional facilities or consists of blueprints, drawings or similar descriptions of department of corrections infrastructure or institutions, or has road maps that deserve to facilitate escape from correctional facilities; Depicts or describes procedures because that the brewing of alcoholic beverages, or the produce of medicine or other intoxicants; Is created in code; Depicts, describes or encourages tasks which may lead to the usage of physical violence or group disruption; motivates or instructs in the board of directors of criminal activity; Is dangerously inflammation in the it proponents or encourages riot, insurrection, disruption that the institution, violation of room or institution rules, the violation of i beg your pardon would existing a major threat come the security, bespeak or rehabilitative objectives of the institution or the safety and security of any kind of person; intimidates physical harm, blackmail or extortion; presents nudity or a lewd exhibition of the vul in such a means as to develop the figure that sexual conduct is imminent, i.e., screen of contact or intended call with genitals, pubic area, buttocks or female breasts orally, digitally or by foreign object, or display screen of sexual organs in one aroused Contains criminal history, offender registration, or other an individual information around another inmate or offender which, in the hands of an inmate, presents a threat to the security, bespeak or rehabilitative objectives of the correctional system or to the security of any type of person; It includes an advertising promoting any of the following where the advertising is the focus of, quite than being incidental to, the publication or the proclaiming is significant or widespread throughout the publication. Three-way phone call services; Pen-pal services; The acquisition of assets or services with postage stamps; or Conducting a business or job while incarcerated contains or shows up to save unknown or unidentifiable substances; or Otherwise gift a threat to the security, order, or rehabilitative objectives of the correctional system, or to the safety and security of any person.

When an inmate is prohibited native receiving any kind of item of mail, the inmate and the sender will certainly be given notice in composing that the mail has actually been disapproved stating among the authorized factors for disapproval.

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The Unauthorized letter Return Receipt, form glossesweb.com2-521, will certainly be put in the original envelope v the correspondence and also returned come the sender. If contraband is uncovered in the letter (other than contraband of an illegal nature), the contraband item and the correspondence will be returned to the sender with the Unauthorized letter Return Receipt included.

When one inmate is transferred or released, program mail handle to the inmate in ~ his old school shall it is in treated together follows:

because that 1 month ~ the transfer or release, every first-class and second-class mail will be returned to the post office within 10 functioning days that receipt with a forwarding address, if available, and a request will be made come postal authorities come forward. Every postage early out is the responsibility of the inmate and also must be paid in accordance through postage regulations. At the finish of the 1-month period, all first-class and second-class program mail will certainly be returned to the U.S. Postal organization with no effort to have actually mail forwarded. From the date of deliver or release, all program mail various other than first-class and second-class will be returned to the U.S. Postal company for that disposition.

Inmates may not send mail to any person who has advised the warden that he does no wish to receive mail indigenous the inmate.

The parents or legitimate guardians of a human under the period of 18 might advise that mail is not to be sent to together person. Upon receipt of such advisement, the warden will cause to be ready an acknowledgment specifying the the inmate will certainly not be allowed to send mail to the human being requesting the post restriction and that such person should return any type of further mail received from the inmate and notify the warden that the effort to correspond. iv.This restriction go not use to polite pleadings or various other legal files pertaining come a civil case in which both the inmate and the receiver room parties, and also no inmate candlestick be subject to technique for mailing together items.