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Buying series EE Savings bond

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What is one EE bond?

An EE savings link is a U.S. Treasury security. It earns interest till it reaches 30 years or until you cash it, whichever come first.

EE bond issued since May 2005 earn a fixed price of interest. As soon as you to buy the bond, you recognize the price of attention it will certainly earn.

For an EE shortcut bought from may 2021 through October 2021, the price is 0.10%. Nevertheless of the rate, at twenty years the link will it is in worth twice what friend pay because that it. If you store the bond the long, we make a one-time adjustment climate to satisfy this guarantee.

Older EE bonds earn attention in different ways. More on EE shortcut Rates

How can I buy EE bonds?

You can buy them only in digital form, in our online program glossesweb.com. We no longer worry EE bond in file form.

What determines who owns one EE bond and also who can cash it?

How you it is registered the link at acquisition determines who owns the bond and also who deserve to cash it. The registration is the name of the owner (either a human or entity), the Social defense Number or employee Identification Number, and, if applicable, the second-named owner or beneficiary.

Who might own one EE bond?

The registration of the bond determines the ownership. The registration is the name of the owner (either a human or entity), the Social protection Number or employee Identification Number, and, if applicable, the second-named owner or beneficiary.

Individuals, including youngsters under 18

If they have actually a Social security Number and meet any type of one that these three conditions:

United claims citizens, even if it is they live in the U.S. Or abroad joined States occupants Civilian employees of the united States, no issue where they live

A child may not open a glossesweb.com account, buy bonds, or conduct various other transactions. A parental or various other adult custodian might open one account for the minor, and also that account will be connected to the adult"s glossesweb.com account.

The parental or various other adult custodian can buy securities and also conduct other transactions because that the child, and other adults have the right to buy save bonds because that the boy as gifts.

Trust, estate, corporation, partnership or various other entity If it has actually a Social security Number or employee Identification Number.

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What execute EE bond cost?

You salary the face value. Because that example, a $50 EE bond expenses $50. EE bond come in any amount come the penny for $25 or more. For example, you can buy a $50.23 bond.

just how much in EE bonds have the right to I buy for myself?

In a each calendar year, you can gain up to $10,000 in EE bonds per Social protection Number or employer Identification Number. Bonds friend buy because that yourself and also bonds you get as presents or via transfers count toward the limit. Two exceptions:

If a link is transferred to you because of the death of the initial owner, the amount doesn"t count toward your limit. If you very own a paper bond issued before 2008, girlfriend can transform it to an digital bond in your account in glossesweb.com nevertheless of the amount of the bond. (The yearly limit before 2008 was greater than today"s border of $10,000.)

How lot in EE bonds can I to buy as presents for others?

You have the right to buy approximately $10,000 per recipient as gifts for anyone. The bonds deserve to be ceded only to recipients with a precious glossesweb.com account. If your recipient does no yet have a glossesweb.com account, you deserve to still purchase gift bonds and also hold lock in your account’s Gift Box.

(Note: Before collection EE save bonds, we issued series E to save bonds. Every E bonds have actually matured.)