Want to shop on Amazon but don’t have actually a credit card? here are 5 methods to complete your purchase–no credit needed–even a way to sign up for Amazon Prime.

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Amazon prime Day kicks off on July 15th. Because that those that don’t know, element Day is Amazon’s black color Friday in July through even better deals on renowned tech products. This year, Amazon is looking come up its document numbers through offering much more discounts and extending prime Day to two days.

But how deserve to shoppers who don’t have a credit card cash in ~ above the savings? We’ve rounded increase the best alternatives to shop Amazon there is no a credit card (including a way to authorize up because that Amazon Prime).

Shop v a Debit Card

If you have actually a bank account with a debit card, you can shop the same way you would with a credit transaction card top top Amazon. Simply register her debit map number under “Payment Options” on your account page, just like a credit transaction card.

Connect Amazon to Your financial institution Account

Don’t have actually a credit transaction or debit card? No problem. If girlfriend live in the U.S., you can use your an individual checking account come pay for Amazon purchases through an digital transfer (referred to together an “ACH” (automated clearing house) payment.

Under “Payment Options” on her account page, select “add a an individual checking account.” You’ll require the name on the account, bank routing number, and also checking account number. You’ll additionally need her driver’s license number to validate you’re the owner the the account, similar to if you were paying v a check in a store.

Make note, however, the if you procedure a payment through this an approach without easily accessible funds, girlfriend can face an Amazon fee. If any electronic money transfer is returned to Amazon unpaid, they will charge a fee to your account based on where you live. The fee is $20 in CO, CT, ID, IN, NJ and also UT; $10 in Puerto Rico; and $25 because that all other states.

Shop through Amazon Gift Cards

Most significant retailers throughout the United claims sell Amazon gift cards through no acquisition fees. Sellers encompass dozens of grocery, drug, and also convenience store chains such together CVS/Pharmacy, Walmart, Safeway, and Office Depot.

Purchase a map in cash and also load the onto her Amazon account under “Gift map Balance.” You’ll just need to go into the 15-digit insurance claim code top top the back of the map to have it applied to her balance.

Then, as long as the cost of her items and also shipping is extended by her balance, you deserve to shop there is no entering a credit transaction or debit card number.

Add Cash to her Amazon Account v Amazon Cash

Last year, Amazon released Amazon Cash, a no-fee method to pack cash straight into her Amazon account.

Open one Amazon account and also find your distinct barcode ~ above the Amazon Cash page. You deserve to print her barcode or administer your call number to have actually a copy of your barcode sent out to your phone. Then, visit one of 30,000 participating stores including 7-Eleven, CVS/Pharmacy, Cumberland Farms and GameStop come instantly include cash to her card.

The cashier will scan her barcode, girlfriend specify the amount you want to be added to your Amazon balance and also can salary in cash. The lot is instantly included to her Amazon account.

Amazon Cash is one more no-cost way to shop digital at any type of retailer that offers Amazon Pay, favor Merrell or Purple, there is no a credit transaction or debit card.

Shop through A Prepaid Debit Card

You have the right to shop with a prepaid debit card on Amazon similar to a credit transaction card. Prepaid debit cards room basically favor credit cards there is no the blame or checking account debit cards there is no the checking account. Few of the better known cards incorporate Netspend Visa, PayPal Mastercard, and Walmart MoneyCard.

To usage a prepaid debit card for online purchases, consisting of Amazon, your card has to be registered first. That’s because you need a billing deal with to complete any type of purchases, and an deal with can just be assigned to a prepaid debit card v registration. So, the short-term cards the you can buy in stores won’t work-related online until you setup her account online v the card issuer.

Once your prepaid map is registered, you have the right to use it just like any credit or debit card on Amazon.

However, if you decision you’re no satisfied through that discount 4K TV on prime Day, refunds for returns ~ above prepaid cards normally take much longer than credit transaction cards, relying on your card provider. Part refunds take approximately 30 days to process.

Frequently inquiry Questions about Shopping on Amazon

When you aren’t shopping through a credit transaction card, you might wonder if every the other services Amazon provides – prefer returns and Prime – work-related the exact same way. Luckily, policies are primarily the same.

Can You obtain Amazon element Without A credit transaction Card?

You require a valid credit card to sign up for Amazon Prime. Debit cards, check accounts, prepaid debit cards, and also gift cards aren’t eligible.

But over there is a workaround.

Amazon sells element Membership gifts. And also you have the right to use any of the payment methods that you have the right to use for various other Amazon purchases, including an Amazon gift card, to buy a prime Membership gift–even for yourself.

You can pick a 3-month member or a year–depending on how generous girlfriend feel toward yourself. You’ll gain all the solutions of Prime, including complimentary two-day shipping, prime Video, streaming for countless songs, countless photo storage, and also more.

Unlike a consistent Prime account, a prime account gift won’t auto-renew when your membership operation out. You’ll have to gift it to yourself again.

Does the Check-Out procedure Look any kind of Different If girlfriend Aren’t using a credit transaction Card?

No. When you acquire to the “Choose a Payment Method” action of the check-out process, you will certainly be given three options: Credit and also debit cards, other payment methods, and balances. Various other payment methods permit you come pay v ACH native your bank account or an Amazon save card. Balances will display you any Amazon Cash or gift card balances. Girlfriend can also add brand-new Amazon gift cards at the step.

Then the shipping and also order completion procedure remains the same.

Do Return policies Differ depending upon Your an approach of Payment?

No matter the payment method, girlfriend still have actually the 30-day return window for Amazon purchases. The only facet that differs is just how you gain your money earlier and when.

If friend pay with a debit card or check account, you’ll acquire your refund ago in the very same account, but it might take up to 10 organization days. Through a prepaid debit card, refund time relies on the issuer and also can take approximately 30 days. However, if you usage Amazon Cash or an Amazon Gift Card, or select to have your funds returned as one Amazon Credit, her refund is immediately credited to your account.


You have actually a many of options to shop ~ above Amazon there is no a credit transaction card. Shop v a debit card, ACH checking account transfer, or prepaid debit card. Or, you have the right to use cash by instantly including funds to her Amazon account by purchase gift cards or using Amazon Cash.

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But taking benefit of Amazon Prime exclusive right without a credit transaction card takes a little workaround–purchasing it as a gift because that yourself.