An Amazon gift map is terrific gift because that a love one if you room not sure what to obtain them ~ above a distinct occasion, fan to the numerous products easily accessible at the e-commerce giant. 

So if you looking to acquire someone one Amazon gift map or have actually just got one, you may want to recognize where you have the right to use her Amazon gift card? right here is everything I’ve discovered out about this! 

Where deserve to I use My Amazon Gift map In 2021?

Amazon gift cards have the right to be used to purchase millions of commodities on and for various other services such together Amazon Prime, Kindle, Marketplace products, and also Amazon Fresh together of 2021. Unfortunately, Amazon gift cards cannot be used for Audible, totality Foods groceries, gas stations, or any retail store.

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If you want to learn an ext about what you deserve to spend the Amazon gift card on, even if it is you deserve to use many gift cards in ~ the exact same time, and also much more, save on reading! 

Can I use My Amazon Gift Card For Amazon Basics?

You deserve to use your Amazon gift map on Amazon Basics by simply including your gift map balance to her account to use throughout checkout. 

As the retailer’s private label the popular household goods and also workplace supplies, Amazon Basics consists of many bestselling items.  

Can I use My Amazon Gift Card For Amazon Marketplace?

Amazon has almost two million tiny business sellers as part of its Marketplace, and also you deserve to use one Amazon gift map to purchase assets from any of these sellers. 

Note that Amazon ensures the Marketplace sellers obtain the required funds following any kind of gift card payments. 

Can I use My Amazon Gift Card For Amazon Prime?

Customers can use Amazon gift cards for eligible services including Amazon Prime.  

As long as your gift card is valid and the balance is fastened to her account, that will show up as a payment technique when you’re signing up for Prime. 

Additionally, shoppers can additionally buy a element gift membership, which covers the early signup prices of enrolling in the program, and also is an excellent for three months or one year. 

Can I usage My Amazon Gift Card For Kindle?

If girlfriend love reading and also have one Amazon gift card, then you can apply your gift card balance come Kindle publication purchases. 

Once a gift map balance has been added to your account, the amount is automatically used to your next eligible purchase, consisting of Kindle digital downloads.  

Can I usage My Amazon Gift map For Audible?

Surprisingly, Amazon gift cards can not be provided for Audible subscriptions or because that purchasing individual audiobooks together Audible just accepts debit and credit cards.

Even though Audible is own by Amazon, they perform not expropriate their gift cards in ~ this time.

Can I use Amazon Gift Cards For Buying various other Gift Cards?

Amazon gift cards can not be provided to buy any other gift cards, and also can just be supplied for products and also services on 

Amazon does lug a wide selection of third-party gift cards for popular restaurants, shops, and also entertainment venues.  

If you desire to buy among these gift cards, you will should use a credit or debit card.  

Can I Use Amazon Gift Card At entirety Foods?

If you’ve to be shopping in-person at some of your favorite stores, friend may have noticed Amazon gift cards because that sale at the checkout.  

While massive retailers might sell Amazon gift cards, many of lock (including whole Foods, Target, Walmart, etc)) do not expropriate Amazon gift cards as payment for these.  

Note the the exact same rules apply as if you were buying the gift card online – you must use a card or cash. 

Can I Use two Amazon Gift Cards At The Same Time?

When she shopping on Amazon but your cart total surpasses the balance on among your gift cards, you have the right to always include another gift card to the account.  

Amazon permits you to integrate gift card balances and likewise use them v credit or debit cards. The balance of all your gift cards will just be deducted native the total at checkout. 

Can You usage Amazon Gift Cards at Gas Stations?

Unfortunately, Amazon gift cardholders cannot use their gift cards come pay because that gas at any kind of gas stations as of 2021.

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Is Amazon Cash The Same As Amazon Gift Cards?

Amazon Cash uses the very same balance as Amazon gift cards but is marketed as another method to do purchases top top Amazon there is no a credit or debit card.  

With one Amazon gift card, you should receive a card or acquisition one yourself on Amazon or indigenous a participating third-party retailer. 

However, through Amazon Cash, you obtain a barcode or a verified phone number enclosed to her Amazon account.  

You have the right to visit select stores and add money to Amazon Cash at the checkout register, kiosk, or ATM. 

Keep in mind that the Amazon Cash balance is accessible to use ideal away and is the exact same as a gift card, other than instead the a physics card, the all invited onto the balance.  

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You deserve to use an Amazon gift map to buy millions of family products, electronics, office supplies, and more from Amazon and also third-party sellers top top Amazon Marketplace. 

Customers can also usage Amazon gift cards for Prime memberships and Kindle books. However, you can’t purchase various other gift cards through an Amazon gift card.