Online ticket resale has become a big industry because that a variety of reasons. Some world are looking to score tickets to otherwise sold-out occasions from civilization who can no much longer attend. Rather are searching for deals together non-attendees through tickets offer lower prices together they urgently shot to market their seats prior to the event starts. Tho others room aiming to prevent high organization fees that sometimes come v buying tickets directly from primary vendors.

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There are threats involved in tapping the online an additional ticket market, though, so it’s important to recognize who you’re buying from and who you can trust. Easier said 보다 done, right? Well, we’re here to aid you the end with an introduction of the height ticket resale sites and what they perform best, for this reason you deserve to pick the one that offers you the many of what she looking for.

7 best ticket resale sites for cheap occasion tickets

First up, let’s meet the players and also learn a little an ext about them.


1. StubHub resale: the present MVP that ticket resale

StubHub is just one of the greatest names in fan-to-fan ticket resale, as it’s exceptionally easy to offer on StubHub. One of the things that makes it stand out is the coupons and also promotions you deserve to have ceded to your email inbox to conserve money on her favorite events. An additional is its “FanProtect” guarantee that you’ll get replacement ticket or a full refund if her tickets aren’t valid or ~ above time, or the event is canceled. The a well-known website for getting resold cheap baseball tickets.

Also be sure to examine out these other renowned sites prefer StubHub.

2. EBay resale: buy, bid, or barter for tickets


eBay, the existing parent firm of StubHub, is renowned as being among the first big auction houses and general e-commerce marketplaces top top the Internet. And yes, it likewise does ticket resale. However, you may not necessarily need to win an auction come score ticket on eBay (at the very least not anymore); part tickets have the right to be to buy immediately, while for others, the seller might accept an eBay ideal offer.

agree Tip

15 eBay Bidding Tips: exactly how to success Auctions and Save Money law It

If you want to try your hand in ~ scoring a transaction on tickets with an auction top top eBay, this 15 tips deserve to tilt the odds in your favor.

3. Ticketmaster resale: tickets right from the source

Ticketmaster is a major ticket outlet, so it sells legit tickets straight from event venues. However, it has actually recently begun allowing ticket resale to a minimal degree. It has actually a an excellent refund and exchange policy, however high selling fees that note up the expense of tickets. Together a result, lots of options to Ticketmaster  have cropped up over the years.

4. SeatGeek resale: shop about for tickets without the site-to-site hassle

SeatGeek allows ticket resale, but it’s more of a ticket meta-search engine. Basically, that means it looks because that tickets for a details event across several ticket resale sites and compares the costs up front because that you. Its case to reputation is its “Deal Score” algorithm, i m sorry rates exactly how reasonable prices because that tickets are based upon how great your seat are and also how in-demand the occasion is.

5. Lively Seats resale: ticket with peace of mind and also a an individual touch

Vivid Seats is another popular ticket resale site. Its best asset is how it goes the extra mile to defend the security and also satisfaction that its fans, consisting of the legitimacy that the tickets sold on it. The prices space decent together well, despite its user interface takes a bit of acquiring used to.

6. Craigslist resale: an excellent old-fashioned one-on-one resale

Online classified declaring websites choose Craigslist are another option for scoring resold tickets. You may have the ability to find far better deals here, but generally, the protection plans on the legitimacy of her tickets are a lot of weaker – generally just every little thing the seller posts. Take part precautions to make sure that friend don’t run headfirst right into a usual classified advertisement scam.

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7. TicketsNow resale: really resale ticket at reasonable prices

TicketsNow is Ticketmaster’s committed resale site for occasion tickets. Choose its parental company, it’s an excellent at acquiring you 100% legit tickets, however charges high processing and also delivery fees. It likewise doesn’t have a very great return or refund policy.

Ticket resale web page comparison: just how they ridge up

Here room a few more rapid facts about each of the ticket resale websites we listed. You deserve to take them together a to compare as-is, or you deserve to use them as context for our look at at who takes height honors in ours specialty category below.

Vivid Seats
Featured types of Events
SportsConcertsTheaterComedySportsConcertsTheaterComedyConventionsMuseumsTheme ParksSportsConcertsTheaterArt exhibitsMuseumsComedyArena showsSportsConcertsComedyTheaterHorse racingWrestlingSportsConcertsMusic festivalsTheaterComedyArena showsSportsBusiness conferencesConcertsTheaterMusic festivalsComedyWrestlingSportsConcertsTheaterComedy
Average service Fees
Return/Refund Policy
Fan safeguard Guarantee
eBay Money ago Guarantee
Fan Guarantee
SeatGeek the person who lives Guarantee
100% buyer Guarantee
Set through the seller
Only if occasion is canceled
Notable Feature
Occasional coupons and also promos
Lower prices v auction/best offer
“Verified Fan" program beats scalpers
“Deal Score” calculates worth for money
Very strong buyer protections
No company fees
Ticketmaster tech verifies tickets because that authenticity
Service Area
50+ nations worldwide
50+ countries worldwide
North America only
North America only
North America only
75+ nations worldwide
US & height Canadian cities

Winner: finest concert ticket resale site

The thing around concerts is the your favourite artist may not display up in the exact same venue or city on a continuous basis. If you’re just a fan of the neighborhood venue, climate that’s okay. Otherwise, you’re most likely going to desire to acquire your tickets ideal the an initial time, so you don’t miss out on an experience that can be very different the next time about – or can not come at all.

Winner: vivid Seats

Runner-up: Ticketmaster

When it pertains to concert tickets, lively Seats gives you the ideal bang for her buck. If girlfriend buy tickets to multiple concerts in the exact same year, you might get to go to one for free! Plus, lively Seats uses discounts because that buying ticket in bulk, or if did you do it bought tickets for a particular artist at the very least once before.

Outside the that, our reference is to go straight to the source with Ticketmaster.

Winner: ideal resale sporting activities tickets

Let’s say you’re much more into large games than large sounds. You’re walking to want a ticket resale site that attributes not only more sports, but much more leagues – both amateur and professional. Who procedures up to the key in this regard?

Winner: StubHub

StubHub has collected its reputation to the point where the has developed official tandem with countless of the most famous sports leagues around the globe. These include MLB (baseball), NFL/CFL (football), NBA (basketball), NHL (hockey), MLS (soccer), and NCAA (college sports). Everything game you’re into, you’re bound to discover tickets because that it here.

Winner: ideal protection & guarantees for buyers

It’s good to have actually your ticket purchases covered, since let’s challenge it: a lot deserve to go wrong, specifically with fan-to-fan resale. Your tickets might arrive late because that the occasion (or get lost in the mail), it is in fake, or be considerably different indigenous the ones friend ordered. Or the event itself might be postponed or canceled. Who has actually your back in this cases?

Winner: lively Seats

Vivid Seats has actually some of the finest buyer protections in the business. They sell full-service client care, consisting of working on your behalf to secure tickets so the your financial details doesn’t get passed the end to 3rd parties. They likewise work tightly with resellers and courier solutions to make certain your tickets are authentic, ~ above time, and accurate… or you get a complete refund!

Here’s StubHub’s return policy (which is still rather good), for comparison’s sake.

Winner: cheapest ticket resale site

Even if girlfriend can gain tickets to that big event close to you, the next best hurdle is going come be how much they cost. Availability method little if ticket are significant up beyond a price that you can afford.

Winner: Craigslist

Runners-up: SeatGeek, eBay

If the price allude is every you’re concerned about, then virtual classifieds favor Craigslist room a great bet. Usually, they nothing charge much (or as lot as their competitors) to perform stuff because that sale, for this reason sellers don’t need to mark ticket up as lot to compensate.

eBay deserve to be another good option, as you may be able to get a low auction bid or price suggest accepted top top tickets the the seller is desperate to gain rid of and aren’t in an extremely high demand.

If you don’t want the legwork of managing a seller one-on-one, though, then SeatGeek functions well. Its “Deal Score” system, and the reality that it searches across other ticket sites, go a long way towards gaining you a great deal.

We have even an ext tips for obtaining cheap event tickets, if you’re interested.

The bottom line: what is the ideal ticket resale site?

Of the sites us listed, us feel the StubHub provides the finest balance of geographical availability, price, event selection, and buyer protection. Yet as it grow in popularity and also profitability, it’s leaving niches in which the other sites can do particular things much better than it.

For example, sites choose SeatGeek can uncover you much better prices than StubHub, while Vivid seat outshines StubHub in terms of buyer-friendly policies and protections. The best place to buy resale tickets, then, like numerous things, counts on your priorities.

Why select StubHub?

StubHub is a an excellent choice for sporting activities tickets, together it has actually a big selection the events worldwide to pick from. It additionally has a kind buyer protection policy and also occasional discounts.

Why choose eBay?

A basic e-commerce website favor eBay have the right to be a better bet for finding ticket to venues that various other resale sites might not carry, choose museums and theme parks. You also have to buy options: buy upfront, bid in one auction, or submit a price offer.

Why choose Ticketmaster?

If you desire to skip the issue of wondering if her tickets room genuine, pick a primary ticket seller favor Ticketmaster. This deserve to be a an excellent strategy because that a big-name concert, wherein you have a rather restricted time to see the event in your area.

Why select SeatGeek?

SeatGeek’s “Deal Score” can help you number out what a reasonable price is for tickets if you’re no sure exactly how to assess your value. It also has low service fees and a an excellent selection of sporting activities tickets.

Why choose Vivid Seats?

If you’re a serial concert-goer who likes come support local acts and also venues, vivid Seats has a bunch that perks the you’ll love. Their plans are really customer-friendly, too.

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Why select TicketsNow?

TicketsNow can be a good choice if you desire the peace-of-mind of showed authentic ticket while not necessarily paying face value choose you would certainly at Ticketmaster. Just be sure you’re actually going come the event, though, because they have actually a an extremely strict refund policy.