If you have Amazon Prime, you’re paying because that perks like faster delivery, the Prime video streaming service and more. Through a prime membership, you can likewise get your groceries yielded to her door — for totally free — through Amazon Fresh.

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I freshly ordered groceries indigenous Amazon fresh to share my experience and give you part tips about grocery delivery. In this article, I’ll talk about what you need to know when girlfriend order native Amazon Fresh.

6 things to Know around Amazon Fresh grocery Delivery

Ordering groceries online way you conserve time by not going into a store. Plus, you can compare prices from different retailers to know if you’re obtaining a an excellent deal.

In each ar of this article, you’ll find information around Amazon Fresh consisting of a step-by-step overview to placing her order. Then you have the right to decide if this grocery delivery organization is appropriate for you.

I went v the Amazon new ordering procedure to display you specifically how that works and to re-publishing tips along the way. Here’s what you require to know to get started:

What Is Amazon Fresh?

The Amazon new grocery business is among several grocery distribution services owned by Amazon. It works generally with totality Foods Market. If you’re outside the joined States, Amazon new is also obtainable through various other grocery chains.

When Amazon debuted the service, it came through an extra monthly charge. However now it’s free with a element membership, and you’re charged an extra fee just if friend don’t meet the safety threshold. Assignment under $35 (or $50 in part areas) will certainly incur a shipment fee, Amazon says.

Amazon Fresh has actually historically been accessible only in choose cities, but an ext on that later.

Who deserve to Use Amazon Fresh?

Although this business used to be easily accessible to all Prime members, currently you need to be invite or put in a request.

Anyone v a element membership, even if it is it’s paid or a free trial, deserve to request access to Amazon Fresh. If you aren’t already an Amazon new member, click here.


You’ll get an e-mail when Amazon gets her request, then one more when you have been approved to usage the service.

Amazon fresh is now available in more than 2,000 cities and also towns, and also the firm says that will continue to increase this grocery service.

If you’re wondering even if it is Amazon new is obtainable where girlfriend live, type in her ZIP code here.

How walk Amazon new Work?

Amazon Fresh lets you shop for groceries online and then delivers them to your door. Amazon provides a mix the their very own store brands, the totality Foods 365 brand and also other name brands.

As pointed out above, inspect to make sure Amazon fresh is available in her area before beginning this process. I’m going to lay out each step for friend here, yet you can also view the procedure in the video at the top of this article.

1. Create an Amazon prime Account

You need to have actually a prime membership to inquiry Amazon fresh access.

If friend don’t already have Amazon Prime, you can sign up because that a totally free trial. Once the trial period is up, you’ll have to pay because that Prime yet you can be eligible because that a discounted membership.

Prime membership options include:

If you think that the just Prime perk you’ll use is Amazon Fresh, it might not be worth paying for a full-price membership. Various other grocery shipment services have actually lower or no membership costs at all.

But if you think you’ll take advantage of multiple element offers and it fits in your budget, it might be worth it for you.

2. Send her Amazon new Request

Once you have a prime account, you can go come this web page to send one Amazon fresh request. If you’ve already requested access, but haven’t been approved yet, here’s what you’ll see:


Near the peak of her cart page, you’ll view the subtotal because that the Amazon new items you’ve ordered therefore far. Under the subtotal, you can see a box that says “Add $X of items from new for cost-free Delivery.”


If you’re using Amazon Fresh as your main source of groceries, you most likely won’t have actually a problem meeting the cost-free delivery spend. However, if you’re thinking of using it as a filler in between trips come the store, this organization may no be worth the extra fee.

One various other thing i noticed is the Amazon new doesn’t allow you to do choices about substitutions like some other grocery shipment services such as Instacart. Amazon says it might substitute unavailable items with similar products, and also if the happens, you’ll view it noted in the distribution or pickup confirmation email.

If an item is unavailable and Amazon doesn’t replace it, girlfriend won’t be charged for that item. Amazon additionally says that if a replacement is necessary, you most likely won’t be fee at every for the substituted item.

Once you’re to solve with whatever in her cart, click “Proceed come Checkout.”

You’ll be required to the Amazon indistinguishable of the liquid rack next to the register where they shot to gain you to make an impulse purchase. When I placed my bespeak I offered in and made an advertise buy: over there were cookies front and also center, and also I simply couldn’t resist.

You deserve to potentially avoid dealing with these last-minute decision by maintaining your shopping perform close by till you’ve completed her purchase.

4. Schedule your Order

Confirm the drop-off ar for your order. Amazon will certainly auto-populate this ar with the attend to you have actually on file.

Next, you’ll choose the day because that the delivery. Depending upon demand, you’ll be able to schedule as much as a couple of days in advance.

Then pick a two-hour delivery window based on once you’ll be available to obtain your order. Amazon claims that you should “immediately store your chilled/frozen items and perishables upon distribution to maintain the safety and quality of these items.”


Only later did I notice a different charge for $5. Once I went earlier and looked in ~ the confirmation email, the $5 reminder charge was listed, however I missed that initially.

What can I buy on Amazon Fresh?

You may be wondering what type of foods items are available. Simply as if you were at the supermarket, there room all types of produce, meats, seafood and also snacks accessible as well together household and home improvement items.

Some top Amazon category are:

Food: whole Foods products, dairy, meat, seafood, produce, prepared foods, enjoy the meal kits, beverages, breads, snacks

Personal Care, wellness & Beauty: skincare products, cosmetics, and also even infant products

Local & Seasonal: Local commodities like honey and fresh vegetable — and favorites native your region — are available with the remainder of your Amazon fresh order.


On the various other hand, once I received my order, no extra care was taken. Mine refrigerated items were grouped with each other in document bags, but there weren’t any type of ice packs or extra insulation.

That said, every one of my items to be in an excellent condition. The refrigerated items to be cold, and there weren’t any bruises top top the vegetables.


How are Amazon Fresh’s Food Prices?

Compared to retailers like Costco and also Aldi, Amazon Fresh appears to be on the pricey side. That makes sense given whole Foods’ customer base.

Check out few of Amazon Fresh’s prices for delivery in Atlanta, as of December 2020:

Bananas, 2 lb. Bag: $0.98Blackberries, 6 oz: $2.91Hass avocado, 1 (large): $1.11365 daily Value, Organic infant Spinach, 5 oz.: $1.99Yellow onion: $0.8180% lean Ground Beef, 1 lb.: $3.98Just Bare organic Fresh Chicken, Boneless, Skinless, chest Fillets, 1 lb.: $5.73Nature’s Own, love husband Wheat Bread, 20 oz.: $3.07Happy ship Cage-Free, Large, White eggs, 1 dozen: $2.49Happy Belly, Unsalted Butter, 16 oz.: $2.99Honey seed Cheerios, Gluten-Free, cereal With entirety Grain Oats, 8.9 oz.: $2.44

You deserve to save money if girlfriend look because that the revenue items on the “Fresh Deals” page. Items through orange brand under them present you how much girlfriend save.

Pros and also Cons of Amazon Fresh grocery Delivery

Overall, Amazon Fresh proved to be reputable by transferring groceries to mine door on time without any type of incident. However, that does have actually a few shortcomings. Here are the pros and also cons I discovered from utilizing this service:


Convenience: You have the right to place your order from any type of device, monitor its progression online and also get your groceries without leaving her home. This saves lots of time the you would have spent going right into a store. In addition to groceries, girlfriend can also buy family items that you might not discover at the grocery store store.Same-Day Delivery: Amazon Fresh offers same-day and advanced scheduling because that delivery. If you desire same-day delivery, make certain that you order early. Otherwise, the moment slot you want can be full, and also you’ll have to wait.Organic Options: Because Amazon owns totality Foods, the organic selection was quite big. Organics had produce and also packaged foodstuffs of all kinds.


Prime membership Barrier: Having a prime membership costs a lot, so if friend don’t already have one, ns wouldn’t advise buying it just for the Amazon fresh service. There are other grocery delivery options that don’t need a membership or other upfront costs. You likewise have to send a request to accessibility Amazon Fresh, therefore you have to sign up right away if you plan to use the service.Substitution Policy: Unlike various other grocery solutions that let you actively allow or disallow substitutions, Amazon fresh does not give you the option.Budget Selections: While part items were priced fairly compared to other grocery stores, I found there to be very couple of budget selections ~ above Amazon Fresh. Constantly comparison shop to make certain you’re acquiring the best deal the end there.

So the big question: Is Amazon fresh a an excellent deal?

My very first impression that Amazon new is that it’s limited in terms of budget plan items that you might find at various other grocery stores. However, if you tend to buy essential foods, you’ll have actually a broad selection because Amazon new carries entirety Foods items.

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Now the Amazon new is a totally free perk for Prime members rather than a separate membership, more people might take benefit of this grocery shipment service. While not as popular, the pickup option might see an uptick as well.

If you don’t currently use Amazon Fresh, are you walking to shot it? allow us know in the comments below!