Becoming a® Franchisee offers the opportunity to build a business, shape a culture and invest in a much better future.We room seeking franchise candidates in the U.S., Puerto Rico and also Canada. Check out on below for much more information about U.S. Avenues or click to it is in redirected to the Puerto Rican and Canadian applications. Please keep in mind you cannot use for a franchise chance in the U.S., Puerto Rico and also Canada simultaneously.

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Being a® Franchisee is a life investment’s success is directly tied to the passion and drive the our Franchisees carry to their regional businesses. That"s why us take an excellent care in selecting who us go into company with, obtaining to understand candidates through our extensive and lengthy selection process.Franchisees invest their time and resources to build the brand and continue the incredible heritage that started with our founder, Truett Cathy. We share in Truett’s vision to be a positive affect on the people and also communities we serve.Franchising is not an chance for passive gaue won investment, working from the sidelines, or adding to a portfolio of service ventures. This service opportunity is a hands-on, life invest to own and operate a quick-service restaurant. It frequently requires lengthy hours and also leading a team of greatly young, hourly-paid employees. It’s tough work – but it’s exceedingly rewarding.Learn much more about the franchise opportunity from Franchisees themselves.



Some points you must expect

The® franchise chance is distinctive in the restaurant industry. We want to make you aware of the realities of owning and operating a restaurant, and characteristics we’re in search of in prospective candidates.



While operation a restaurant calls for a fairly modest $10,000 initial jae won commitment ($15,000 CAD in Canada), it requires a holistic commitment come own and also operate the company in a hand-operated manner.


Being a Restaurateur

We room in the restaurant market - the quick-service restaurant industry, in ~ that. Franchisees should be passionate around the job-related of serving an excellent food and also providing exceptional hospitality in a fast-paced environment.


Complexity and Risk Franchisees run their own incredibly complicated businesses, ultimately in fee of all facets of the restaurant. Their success and return on investment space proportionate to their hard work, company acumen and leadership effectiveness. It is no however, guaranteed.

Highly Selective

Competitive candidates will display evidence of an individual financial integrity and also stewardship, proven business leadership-and organization acumen, an entrepreneurial spirit, a development mindset, and strong character.

Still curious around the opportunity?

There space a handful of methods to recognize if this is a good fit because that you. You have the right to read much more about the franchise opportunity and also application procedure online or by participating in a franchise education webinar or event.

Our Franchisees to speak it best® Franchisees bring passion, grit and also unceasing decision to build their businesses in the areas where lock live and work.

When she running her restaurant, you have to learn just how to it is in flexible and balance being there for your people and running your service at the very same time.

-Trevelle Harvey, district Heights, MD

Becoming one Operator is not around making a financial invest or having a retirement option. It is around investing your time to build a culture of care around your restaurant.

-Ummara Sajid, Houston, TX

There is a misconception that operators make a the majority of money ideal off the bat. The fact is, your business may no be financially rewarding for the first couple of years.

-Dawn Kosir, Corsicana, TX

A lot of people think your restaurant instantly thrives indigenous the start, but the fact is the you need to be hands-on and also put in hard work to do it a success.

-Jas Bains, only Area, CA

Emerging (or growth) markets

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Five Myths around Becoming a Franchisee

People say a the majority of things around’s Operator an option process. Trust us, we’ve heard lock all. So to offer you part insights right into the folks who space selected to it is in our franchisees (known together Operators), here are a couple of of the typical myths about the Operator an option process:

Meet’s youngest restaurant Operator

Michel Harding remembers waking increase on march 1 emotion nervous and excited. Both emotions to be justified as he was around to start a brand-new career.

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From naval officer to restaurant owner

Kevin Young has had actually November circled top top his calendar for a while. This month the will open up’s newest restaurant in brand-new York City, representing a dream realized and also a brand-new beginning.