The price at which girlfriend burn calories depends on the particular physical fitness task you're doing and also the price of intensity. Find out what you'll have to do come reach your goals.

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To burn calorie while having fun with friends:

Play rugby for 13 minutesPlay football, lacrosse, beach volleyball, or basketball because that 17 minutesPlay football for 19 minutes
Enjoying nature deserve to be healthy in much more ways 보다 one. You'll burn 150 calories if you:

Hike for 22 minutesGo whitewater rafting or kayaking for 26 minutesRide a equine for 52 minutes
Getting from right here to over there and back again by foot can assist you continue to be fit. Burn calorie by walking:

At a brisk pace for 35 minutesAt a tool pace for 38 minutesAt a slow-moving pace because that 53 minutes
You don't have to play a hard-charging sports to burn calories. Girlfriend can:

Golf and carry your own clubs because that 24 minutesPlay ping pong or follow your kids about the playground because that 33 minutesToss a Frisbee because that 44 minutes
Time spent in the swimming pool burns calories efficiently:

Swim in ~ a vigorous speed for 13 minutesSwim in ~ a moderate speed for 19 minutesDo water aerobics for 33 minutes
Don’t limit yourself come aerobics — these fun fitness options can burn 150 calories:

Practice karate, kickboxing, or tae kwon perform for 14 minutesStrengthen her core through Pilates for 22 minutes
Showing off her moves can assist you remain in shape. Each dance supplies its very own rate that calorie burn; to use 150 calorie you’ll should do:

Ballet for 22 minutesDisco dancing for 24 minutesLine dancing because that 30 minutesSlow-paced ballroom dancing because that 44 minutes
Winter sports market wonderful opportunities to burn calories. Go:

Cross-country skiing for 17 minutesDownhill skiing for 22 minutes
Outdoor chores will provide a 150-calorie burn once you:

Shovel eye by hand for 22 minutesSpade her garden for 26 minutesPush a strength lawn mower for 30 minutesRake leaves for 33 minutes
Beautify your residence as girlfriend burn calorie by:

Painting the home for 27 minutesDoing house repairs because that 29 minutesWashing home windows for 30 minutes
Indoor chores could be tedious, yet they do burn calories:

Scrub the floor for 30 minutesDust or vacuum for 53 minutesIron garments for 58 minutes
You do burn calorie by just existing, yet at a an extremely slow rate. Come burn 150 calorie you’ll need to:

Read for 1 hour and 43 minutesWatch television for 2 hours and also 12 minutesSleep for 2 hours and 27 minutes

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